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Save Time and Improve Security with Citrix ShareFile

By Manny Landron, CISSP, CISA, CISM, Senior Manager, Security and Compliance, Citrix ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile hits the mark on security and convenience with its comprehensive file-storage and transfer solution for healthcare organizations. With a custom designed web portal, your medical office can easily share medical records and sensitive data with patients, insurers and others. And with mobile applications, email and desktop tools, and a storage enclave dedicated solely to protected health information (PHI), Citrix ShareFile helps you safely store and exchange patient records — from any device, at any time.

Transfer files in seconds – no complicated setup

Instantly eliminate the need for insecure and inefficient file-sharing methods like fax, email and FTP. ShareFile integrates with the tasks and tools you already use, allowing you to synchronize and share information from your computer, phone or tablet without manually moving files in and out of your electronic medical records system (EMR). (ShareFile does support FTP/SSL, so that you can use ShareFile even when a vendor requires FTP.)

Remove barriers to collaboration

Easily share patient files and folders with your own team, clinicians at other provider offices, and even third parties such as insurance and legal professionals. Your team also can track each version of a document and retain previous iterations to make sure everyone stays up to date with the latest information.


“Besides being the most user-friendly interface that I’ve encountered, ShareFile’s compatibility between my devices is flawless. I can seamlessly jump between a PC notebook, PC desktop, Mac, iPhone, and iPad all in the course of one day, and I can count on the same reliable interface on all of them.”

-Dr. Gavin Brown, Emory Healthcare

Take control of data security

ShareFile provides you with the tools you need to meet strict security standards, including the encryption and data-protection requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule and Meaningful Use standardsi. Tailor ShareFile to your organization’s security needs by setting ShareFile to timeout with periods of inactivity and creating password settings for individuals who access files.

Send secure email attachments

Combine the ease of email with powerful security features. The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook sends large documents and media files up to 10 GB by embedding ShareFile links in email. Track access to your sent files and determine expiration, password protection and more. Securely send and receive referrals and orders, claims with insurance, and records for legal and other offices without the need to follow up by phone.

Protect files with top-to-bottom encryption

ShareFile delivers backend security tools that work hand-in-hand with your security policies to protect data throughout file transfer and storage. Files are stored in secure, SSAE 16 audited datacenters and protected with 256-bit AES encryption. Customers who use ShareFile to store and transmit PHI may join the ShareFile Cloud for Healthcare to take advantage of additional security measures designed for patient data. All uploads and downloads use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols and no less than 128-bit encryption.


“ShareFile gives me the ability to put tools in the hands of novice computer users and allow them to easily send/receive large files and secure files. In the hospital environment that I reside, it makes the compliance officer (me) feel much more at ease.”

-Steve Taylor, Anderson Regional Medical Center

Track usage with automated reports and alerts

Track all changes, logins, uploads and downloads with comprehensive audit reports and automated email notifications. ShareFile automates the fax log process, so you no longer have to maintain logs, verify numbers or check to see whether a fax was received.

Work safely from any device

Whether sharing consults, syncing patient files, uploading test results or sending a simple message, you can stay in touch from any location using your preferred smartphone or tablet. ShareFile offers the same security you have at your desktop with apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and BlackBerry or Windows phones. Remote-wipe functionality allows you to delete ShareFile-stored data and passwords in the case of a lost or stolen device — quickly and easily.


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