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Am I Able to Share and Save My Files Online?

As the technology to create files has improved, so too has the way we save them. After decades of relying on disks, USBs and hard drives, saving files online has now surfaced as the perfect combination of convenience, security and reliability.

That’s not to say all online storage locales are created equal. Some lack security or user-friendliness. Others come up short on space or useful tools. Citrix ShareFile is an online file-saving service chosen by over 60 million professionals across a wide range of industries.

When you save files online with ShareFile, you’ll enjoy:

● Ease of use. Integrate ShareFile with Microsoft Outlook, send a file simply by entering an email address and take advantage of 24/7 customer support.

● Security. Safety looms as a top concern about online storage. With ShareFile, your files are kept safe by multi-authentication passwords, AES 256-bit encryption and regular backups to multiple secure datacenters.

● Convenience. Sync ShareFile documents across your devices for a seamless workflow and automatic backups.

● Accountability. Stay on top of saved files with activity trackers and the ability to view previous versions of documents.

● Capability. Store an unlimited number of documents for as long as you wish and share files of up to 100 GB in size.

● Customization. Let our team of graphic artists design a client portal that is personalized for your company brand and industry language.

● Mobility. Save, access and transfer files anywhere you go from a laptop or mobile device.

When you save files online, you get the best of all worlds. There are no worries about your hard drive crashing or losing a USB drive. You’re free to upload, view, edit and save files from any location on a number of devices. There’s no software to install, upgrade or maintain, and you won’t run out of storage space. It’s just easy and effective file saving without any of the pitfalls of more traditional storage methods.

If you’re looking to save files online, join the scores of professionals who save with ShareFile. Sign up for a free trial and save files for free for 30 days.