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Replace FTP, improve workflow and access files from anywhere

Whether you need to send large design files, get signoffs from customers, or access files and videos away from the office, ShareFile has the solution for you.

Why do manufacturing professionals turn to ShareFile to replace FTP, easily access files and get responses faster? Read on!

Metal and fabrication

Sharing large design files and collaborating with employees, clients and vendors is easy with ShareFile.

Your company has been contracted by a major corporation to produce a part. Before you can begin fabrication, you need to work with the corporation to get the specs correct. Rather than using FTP to send large design and engineering files back and forth, ShareFile allows you to send your 3D-CAD, CAM or SolidWorks files easily — with no email restrictions or complicated software downloads. This means your recipients can view the files you send easily from any web browser. Avoid mistakes at the beginning of a project by ensuring that your recipients can view your files in high resolution and respond quickly with changes.

Sales and marketing

View your files and videos from anywhere with ShareFile mobile apps.

You have been sent to meet with a potential client about the product your firm manufactures. You are confident in the product, but you know that accessing files can take up precious meeting time. Instead of using a VPN connection to log into the company FTP to access files, ShareFile gives you fast access to files from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Never worry about getting to large company files again — ShareFile makes it easy to view or send files to potential clients in seconds.

Printing and publishing

Get customer signoffs faster with ShareFile’s hands-on file-sharing experience.

When you’re fulfilling print jobs, you typically email low-resolution proofs to customers for approval. But those low-resolution proofs often cause customers to worry that their final jobs will look as fuzzy as the proof. Avoid questions and delayed approvals by emailing high-resolution proofs, quickly and easily, with ShareFile. Email notifications let you track when the file is downloaded, and our ‘request a file’ link lets you give customers an easy way to send markups back to you. You can also use your custom-branded ShareFile portal to allow clients to upload large print-ready files — by passing the confusion and frustration of FTP.

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Learn more about how ShareFile can work for you.

While your job may be labor intensive, your file sharing should not be. ShareFile solves your FTP problem, helps you collaborate with coworkers, vendors and clients, and provides an easy and fast way to send and receive files from anyone, anywhere. Contact ShareFile at 1-800-441-3453 or to learn more about how ShareFile can work for you.