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The reliable solution for manufacturing professionals - Citrix ShareFile

Streamline how you collaborate with clients and co-workers with the top file-sharing and storage solution for printers, publishers, biotech firms and other manufacturers. ShareFile is an easy, trustworthy solution for storing, accessing, sharing, editing and receiving massive files, so you and your team can work efficiently without sacrificing security.

How ShareFile helps manufacturing professionals work more efficiently

Your job is complex, whether you work in printing and publishing, bio-manufacturing or just general manufacturing; but how you share files doesn’t have to be.

With ShareFile, you and your team can quickly:

+ Send large design files, contracts, data sets or video files up to 100 GB back and forth with clients or vendors.

+ Let clients upload files to your website securely, and get notified the second it happens.

+ Get e-signatures for contracts and other forms in seconds.

+ Keep files synced across devices so changes never get lost, and everyone has the most up-to-date data.

A survey found 95% of ShareFile customers are likely to recommend it to others. Why? Read on!

Designed for simplicity with you and your customers in mind

You need to keep projects moving, but getting signoffs from different teams, making sure nothing gets lost in translation from your clients and somehow keeping your project on deadline is no easy feat. Why not make collaboration simpler for everyone? To help, try:

+ Custom website upload forms for customers.

+ Desktop sync tools, file check-in/check-out mobile apps and email integrations to keep your team in sync.

+ Built-in e-signature software to get documents signed faster.

+ A customer-branded web portal with unlimited cloud storage to keep everything in one, secure place.

And recipients never need to download software or have a username or password to open a file you send or send you one back.

Secure enough for any type of manufacturing — even biotech

Flash drives, CDs and mail? Slow. Paper? Expensive. FTP software? Complicated. ZIP file compression? Not secure. You need file sharing that can keep up with the speed of your business and the expectations of your customers. What does that look like?

+ Industry-leading security for data — encryptions both at rest and in transit.

+ Integrations with Microsoft Outlook to encrypt email attachments and the emails themselves.

+ Customizable permissions and admin settings, tracking and robust reporting for complete control over your data.

You know you need to protect your intellectual property, but doing it inexpensively and without a headache is a challenge. It’s time to do it all — access, store, secure, send, receive, edit, sign and collaborate on files — in the cloud with ShareFile.

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