Reduce Your Risk of Data Breaches Without Complicating the Way You Work with ShareFile

Learn how ShareFile can help you think beyond ‘free’ to meet your clients’ expectations for data security — without adding any hassles to your day.

Key benefits

  • Securely send and receive files of any size, up to 100 GB, in a single email right from your inbox.
  • Sync all of your files automatically to the cloud, so everyone has the most up-to-date information.
  • Pull files directly from your document management system into ShareFile without having to download data to an unsecure local device.
  • Get simple integrations with other tools and programs you already use for a streamlined workflow.

ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft OutlookA professional yet familiar way to share files

Let your Microsoft Outlook account help you exchange documents, designs and other files up to 100 GB in size securely to team members, clients, vendors and others. Along with attachments, you can encrypt the body of the email for added protection to your communication, and recipients can send back an encrypted email to you — even if they aren’t ShareFile customers. And it all comes with robust tracking; you know exactly when a recipient downloads a file and can control whether or not someone can pass it along.

Key features:

  • Replace email attachments with encrypted ShareFile links for voluminous files up to 100 GB.
  • Encrypt email with just a click so that sensitive information contained both in the email’s body and its attachments complies with industry standards when sent.
  • Support your compliance by adding the protection of SSL/TLS encryption protocols and up to AES 256-bit encryption to your emails and attachments.
  • Include a secure link in your email that allows recipients to upload files directly into your ShareFile account.

Essential desktop toolsImproved collaboration across all devices

End the confusion and proliferation of duplicated documents with helpful desktop tools. Access the same version of files on your desktop and mobile devices with ShareFile Sync. Create PDF copies and save them easily with Print to ShareFile, a tool that allows you to save documents directly to ShareFile from any document management system or other program, including Microsoft Word. Stop overwrites or data loss with file check-in/ check-out, which prevents any uploads of shared documents until a person finishes his or her edits and closes out of the file.

Key features:

  • Sync files securely to the cloud so changes occur instantly whether in the office or on the go.
  • Use Print to ShareFile to save copies of documents directly to ShareFile from any other program or application to support compliance issues.
  • Find and store files faster with our desktop app, featuring file drag and drop, and file sending and requesting without needing to log in to a web browser.
I appreciate simple. It just does what it says, and it works.
David Enns
Enns & Associates, Inc.

Top professional integrationsWays to work faster with solutions you already use

When you add ShareFile, you expand the potential of other integrated tools to get more done for you and your business. You get RightSignature, an electronic signature solution that helps get files and forms signed fast and accurately by recipients. And there’s plenty of third-party integrations and partnerships with recognizable programs such as Gmail, Basepin, iManage, BidPlanroom and many more — all to enhance the speed, scope and benefits of your ShareFile account and improve your workflow.

Key features:

  • Scan printed client files directly to ShareFile on any Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to keep sensitive data off local devices.
  • Get documents sent for e-signature by RightSignature signed by recipients and automatically returned to their original ShareFile folders when completed.
  • Connect your ShareFile account directly from an FTP program to upload or download files to or from secure locations while using existing FTP programs.
The most important benefits of ShareFile to our business have been the speedy delivery of products to the client and the ease of use for all users.
Ted Beverly
PharPoint Research Inc.

Why ShareFile?

Security that supports compliance —
ShareFile gives you the same level of data protection and redundancy as an online bank, with more than 25 customizable security settings. Your files are sent and stored with up to 256-bit encryption, and you can give employees and clients access to only the files you want them to see.

Simplicity and ease of use —
ShareFile has an elegant, intuitive user interface, with no downloads required, so everyone on your team and clients are up and running within minutes. No matter whether your business employs 1 person or 1,000, ShareFile offers unlimited live training sessions, 24/7 customer support and white glove onboarding for your staff and clients.

Built for business —
ShareFile provides industry-specific solutions for business workflows. They integrate conveniently with email, desktop and mobile tools to add security and easy business calling, file sharing and document signing for you.

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