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Optimize Your Business with Real Estate Portals

As a real estate agent, your data has to be just as mobile and flexible as you are. Real estate portals are a fantastic tool, giving you access to your important documents no matter where you are. With Citrix ShareFile, you ensure that your digital files are secure, accessible and available.

A real estate portal to improve your business

A real estate portal is a secure alternative to email that allows you to streamline communication with your colleagues and clients. Rather than setting up a meeting with potential buyers to sign paperwork, they can digitally sign documents from wherever they are, saving you time and preventing scheduling conflicts.

An article published by the Journal of Accountancy notes that with this process, what is “lost in face time with clients may be gained in customer satisfaction with fast access to documents.”

With ShareFile, you can even customize your portal to the needs of your agency. In fact, your ShareFile account can be branded with your company’s logo and color scheme. And even though the portal can be accessed by you, other agents and potential buyers, you still control who has that access.

Key features of the real estate portal from ShareFile

Email integration — Embed links to your files from your email, send large files that standard email is unable to support and track who has downloaded shared documents.

Mobility — Access your web portal from any device, send and receive files while on the go, and store all of your important information in a secure central database.

Top notch security — Files are protected by 256-bit encryption, forged request prevention, regular data backups and antivirus.

24/7 support — Our knowledgeable representatives are available to assist you 24/7 by phone or email. You can even sign up for a free live training session.

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