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.PST file size limit

Sending and sharing large files can require some effort. Many email handlers, such as Microsoft Outlook, limit the maximum size file they can handle, as do most email services.  So whether you're sharing .PST files or some other format, cloud sharing and data management can make sharing easier and more convenient.

What are .PST files and why are there size limits?

Personal Storage Table or PST files are data files within the Outlook email program. Because a .PST file is stored on your computer, it is not subject to mailbox size limits on the mail server. By moving items to a .PST file, you can free up storage space on your mail server. As such, these files are commonly archived, sent and stored off site.

Many cloud-based solutions put size limits on .PST and other files. Citrix ShareFile allows users to send files up to 100 GB, depending on which plan you select.

You can send a lot in 100 GB.

Comparing cloud-based options

Many turn to free cloud-based services to send and store important files. However, most free and even some paid services have less than 2 GB file size limits for .PST and other types of files. This size limit makes it difficult to send larger files.

However, with the flexibility of ShareFile, users can send and receive files simply and quickly with the push of a button.

ShareFile also offers file versioning feature so you can revert back to previous versions of modified files, activity tracking so you can see details of any changes and alerts to notify you when a file is downloaded. All of this allows you and your co-workers to work seamlessly in the cloud.

Other benefits of ShareFile

In addition to having a large file size limit on .PST and other types of files, ShareFile is trusted for its class-leading security. At ShareFile we use 256-bit encryption, so you’ll feel safe knowing your files are always protected.

We also store files at accredited and audited data centers across the United States and Europe. More than 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies trust their data with us.

Try ShareFile for free today. Call 1-800-441-3453 or visit ShareFile.com.

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