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Powering Real-Time Mobile Access to Critical Information With Citrix ShareFile

Energy, oil and gas businesses around the world face day-to-day operational challenges stemming from having their workforce spread across distributed offices, worldwide job sites, wells, drilling rigs and other offsite locations. These workers lack real-time access to critical information, such as project status reports, workflow changes, construction specifications, office files and vendor contracts. Required files are typically located on a network server and are hard to access when offsite.

Energy, oil and gas industry challenges
• No field-based, real-time access to corporate data.
• Dispersed workforce with no easy way of accessing, sharing and collaborating with others.
• Delays in providing internal and external stakeholders with project status reports from the field.
• IT teams unable to keep up with demand for mobile file access.

Leading energy, oil and gas companies choose Citrix ShareFile for secure file syncing and information sharing across large-scale projects and among geographically dispersed workers. ShareFile helps these companies provide secure data access and file sharing to increase productivity and responsiveness across distributed teams and to empower mobile employees with self-service access to data.

ShareFile, an enterprise-ready file sync and sharing service, is the ideal solution for energy, oil and gas businesses. This secure, cloud-based service gives employees and third parties access to files from the field and meets the mobility needs of the industry by providing:

• Real-time mobile access to critical information such as geological maps, change orders and other files typically stored on a network server.
• Mobile, self-service access to files from the field, whether online or offline, from the office, the job site, a drilling rig, at a client’s facility or while on the go.
• Remote collaboration on large-scale projects and sharing of information with teams from other locations and regions.
• Control over distribution of up-to-date standard operating procedures (SOPs).
• Increased mobile productivity and responsiveness across distributed teams.

Built for the energy, oil and gas industry

Citrix understands the increasingly complex and intensive operating environments its customers face. ShareFile is designed with capabilities that align with the requirements of specific vertical industries including energy, oil and gas. Advances in technology related to finding, estimating and producing oil and gas have reshaped industry operations. For example, the new “digital oil field,” where all machinery and components integrate and communicate and special instrumentation reads data and sends analytics in real time to operations centers for fine tuning, requires the ability to share data and collaborate from anywhere. Advanced tools that enable real-time access to data and file sharing – particularly by mobile workers – will help energy, oil and gas companies reduce costs, resolve issues more rapidly, increase productivity and gain competitive advantages.

Secure file sharing for the mobile enterprise

ShareFile Enterprise helps IT support user mobility requirements by enabling employees to work and collaborate from anywhere, on any device. ShareFile gives users true enterpriseclass data services across all corporate and personal mobile devices, while allowing the business to meet strict corporate security and compliance requirements. Users can access and sync all of their data from any device and securely share it with people both inside and outside the organization for easy collaboration and enhanced productivity. Support for large files and integration with workflow tools such as Microsoft Outlook provide an unmatched user experience.

ShareFile delivers business results
• Provides an enterprise file sharing and sync service across user devices while securing corporate data with complete auditing and control.
• Enables users to access, sync and securely share files both inside and outside the organization for easy collaboration and up-to-the-minute project status reporting.
• Provides instant mobile access to data on existing network file shares and SharePoint.
• Helps IT retain control over the way corporate data is accessed, stored and shared.
• Supports corporate data security and compliance standards with built-in security and the flexibility to store data on or off premises, or both.

ShareFile provides instant mobile access to data on existing network file drives, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business — which cannot ordinarily be accessed outside the corporate network or on mobile devices. In addition, the StorageZones™ Connectors SDK provides access to any enterprise content management (ECM) system, thereby expanding the types of data users can access and edit on the go via ShareFile.

Following are the two sides of the ShareFile “best of both worlds” approach:

User satisfaction: sync, share and collaborate from anywhere

ShareFile Enterprise is the easiest way to share large business files with one person or a hundred. Just click the Send a File link on the navigation bar, enter an email address and upload your file. Easily integrate ShareFile into your workflow, securely upload files and share data with internal and external parties. Users can easily sync their files across all their devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones, as well as virtual desktops.

ShareFile offers secure apps with a built-in content editor specifically designed to provide a rich and intuitive experience on mobile devices. It also offers a mobile-optimized website as alternative way to access data. The Offline Access feature allows users to access and edit their data on the go without interrupting workflow productivity.

IT control: protect corporate data

ShareFile Enterprise is secure by design. This managed service allows IT to determine how sensitive data is stored, accessed and shared. Advanced security features including remote wipe, device lock, passcode protection, white/ black listings and data expiration policies provide complete control of enterprise data. Robust reporting and auditing features enable IT to track and log user activity in real time and create custom reports to meet corporate data policies and compliance requirements. Seamless integration with the enterprise directory through Citrix XenMobile® or SAML simplifies authentication and provisioning and de-provisioning of the data-sharing service across the organization.

Flexible data storage options

Using ShareFile, IT can store enterprise data in the most optimal locations—in the cloud, on premises or a hybrid of both—to meet the organization’s specific requirements for data sovereignty, compliance, performance and cost. ShareFile works with what you have today. There is no need to migrate all of your enterprise data to the cloud. For organizations that require increased data protection, ShareFile offers the ability to encrypt data with their own encryption keys.

Energy, oil and gas businesses can rely on ShareFile to:
• Easily send and receive file types with SSL/TLS 256-bit encryption (internally and externally).
• Empower users with instant, mobile and readwrite access to data synchronized across all of
their devices.
• Retain folder and sub-folder structure on mobile devices with no Internet access and mark entire folders and individual files for offline access.
• Use the “send a file” link to collect documents from vendors or contractors without having to provide access to their systems.
• Meet corporate data protection and compliance standards via a service providing strong security and the flexibility to store data on or off premises, or both.
• Connect to existing data sources and IT investments such as network shares, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and ECM systems with StorageZone Connectors.
• Share up-to-date SOPs, redesigns and decommissioning documents quickly and easily and comply with environmental, health and safety (EHS) guidelines.
• Streamline project management and improve project workflows, ensuring mobile workers, contractors and clients receive up-to-theminute statuses and can access files on the go from any device.


Citrix ShareFile is ideal for energy, oil and gas companies as it enables secure data access and file sharing, increases employee productivity and responsiveness across distributed teams and empowers mobile employees with self-service access to data. With ShareFile, IT also gains the flexibility to store enterprise data in the most optimal locations, leverage existing investments such as SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and network shares and meet compliance and performance requirements. With robust security and control features, the service ensures data is secured across platforms, devices and networks.

“Self-service administration has made our users 85 percent more self-reliant with ShareFile compared to the consumer file sharing solution we were using before.”

-Ishq Davis, IT Enterprise Project Manager, Forum Energy Technologies