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Four Benefits of Using Portal Services for Health Care

As innovative technology is used by a greater number of medical professionals, it’s no surprise that the use of patient portals for healthcare is also on the rise. Patient portals are taking the healthcare system into the “virtual world” and streamlining the way a doctor’s office interacts with patients and other medical groups.

4 ways patient portals can improve how you provide healthcare services.

Using this kind of virtual interaction benefits both medical professionals and patients. The only requirement for patients to access the secure portal is an email address, which means it’s easy to sign up and quickly connect. Other advantages include:

Efficient reporting—Instead of patients waiting weeks until their next appointment to find out test results, they’re able to receive them as soon as the results are uploaded to their portal account.

Messaging and requests—Patients can submit prescription refill requests and brief messages (approximately 140 characters; think of Twitter) for their doctor. This means increased response time and improved patient satisfaction. It takes out the middleman because doctors and patients directly communicate.

Information archives—Since each patient’s medical history is stored in the office’s electronic archives, that information can be retrieved and reviewed easily by doctors and patients during an appointment.

Appointment alerts—An electronic portal also means an improved notification system for patients regarding appointment reminders and submitting appointment requests.

Get a portal that patients will want to use.

To encourage patients to take advantage of the portal, a doctor’s office can provide a printout with information about its log-in details and “instructions for how to use the portal.” The portal needs to be fully secure, functional and user-friendly to encourage future patient use after their first login.

That’s where Citrix ShareFile comes in.

The patient portal developed by ShareFile offers patients and healthcare providers with easy and secure access to confidential records and forms. There’s no software or plugin installation required to get started, and our intuitive interface makes the portal easy to use for all patients, whether they’re tech savvy or not.

Our secure patient portal and other tools are designed to streamline operations for healthcare providers, enable users to collaborate in real-time and share protected health information (PHI) through a custom-branded portal and secure email on any web-based mobile device or desktop.

Wondering how secure our portal really is?

Let’s put it this way: all of the ShareFile datacenters are SSAE 16 accredited, and all data and information related to healthcare is stored in a secure, private enclave. Think of that enclave as a secure storage space that is within another secure storage place. This provides clients with a double-layer of security and supports HIPAA compliance.

To learn more about our patient portal and other healthcare tools contact us at 1-800-441-3453, or start your free trial today!

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