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Password protect files

Password-protecting files and folders are nothing new, but the approaches we use to this process have changed greatly. Likewise, securing your computers and network is equally important for your overall data security. So what's the best way to password protect files, computers and networks? We'll go over what makes a good password, and the best rules to follow.

The importance of password protecting files

Selectng a strong password is the first step in avoiding attacks and unauthorized access of accounts, files and computers. The qualities that make up a strong password constantly evolve due to increasingly sophisticated efforts to crack them.

Passwords are usually compromised in three ways:

  • Someone you know uses their knowledge against you
  • A brute force attack in which hackers use sophisticated means to crack your password or a large group of passwords
  • A data breach at a company you've done business with releases secure information

Even though it is important to password protect computers and logins, it's equally vital to ensure files shared between co-workers stay private. Citrix ShareFile, a cloud-based online file-sharing service, allows multiple users to create folders and assign passwords to each separately, letting users password protect files with ease.

Tips to safely password protect files

  • Mix up your passwords. Don't use the same password for every site or login. If a password is compromised, it will not allow instant access to all of your files.
  • Make passwords complicated. Change case, use a decent number of characters and include symbols and numbers. Avoid commonly used passwords.
  • Count your bits. More tech-savvy users can determine the number of bits each password contains. Password protected files using a higher bit count for the highest security.

There is more to security than making an effort to password protect files. Citrix ShareFile features class-leading file sharing and storage for businesses of all sizes. With 256-bit encryption equivalent to the security required by banks and medical centers, you can trust all your sensitive files and documents remain protected.

Sending large files with ShareFile is also simple. Just point, click and send. We provide 24 hour technical support for all of our services and will help password protect your shared files.

Sign up for a free trial of ShareFile today. Call 1-800-441-3453 or visit ShareFile.com.

Passwords are usually compromised in three ways:

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