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Paperless office tips

For centuries, businesses have run on paper documents, notes, and communications. However, the rise of the information culture has pushed us past the confines of paper and into a brave new world of digital data. Don't get bogged down by paper documents and notes. How can your office leave paper behind? We'll show you some tips for establishing a paperless office.

Five paperless office tips

  1. Scan documents to PDFs.
    Save trees by scanning documents to PDFs and sending copies digitally, rather than printing dozens of copies. Today’s modern technology makes scanning easy, and those without access to a quality scanner can even use a smartphone or tablet. Once the document is scanned, it can be sent to co-workers using a file-sharing service like Citrix ShareFile.
  2. Trust online file sharing.
    Another paperless office tip that can’t be ignored is cloud-based file sharing, like that provided by ShareFile. Using 256-bit encryption, ShareFile makes sending files safer than using a FTP server or email, and certainly more secure than a printed paper document. This level of security is trusted by financial institutions, e-commerce leaders and HIPAA-protected medical providers. It is certainly sufficient for most offices.
  3. Sign up for electronic statements.
    It may seem simplistic, but the easiest way to cut down on your office’s amount of paper may be to stop accepting so many paper bills and receipts. Signing up for electronic statements is one paperless office tip that is also usually free.
  4. Store your files in the cloud.
    Instead of huge banks of physical filing cabinets, you can now store all your important data in the cloud. ShareFile offers digital file storage that is SSAE 16 II compliant, meaning your data is stored in datacenters that have been audited for controls such as physical security, redundancy and protection from fire or flood.
  5. Dare to work remotely.
    The workplace is more mobile than ever. Allowing workers to work remotely cuts back on the amount of in-office paperwork. File sharing through ShareFile or communication using GoToMeeting, another Citrix product, make it possible for workers to be equally productive outside the office.

More than 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies trust ShareFile with their sharing and storage needs. Sign up for a free trial of ShareFile today at 1-800-441-5334 or visit ShareFile.com for more paperless office tips.

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