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Paperless Document Storage

Does your business have a catch-all server that's supposed to be used as document library? You know the one, with the folders named Richard and Leslie and documents all over the place?

Citrix ShareFile gives you control of paperless document storage. No more looking for files or wondering if this is the latest version.  We've got your covered.

Access documents on any device, any time

The best part about paperless document storage isn't really the storage.

Sure, you get all of your business intelligence in one place. Everything is encrypted so your IT people are happy. When an employee leaves, no one has to search his or her computer to find an important file. Paperless document storage handles all of that.

But the real value in ShareFile cloud storage is accessibility.

ShareFile on the go

You're sitting in the airport, heading out to give a huge presentation. That's when you realize you don't have the final draft. No big deal — we've got you covered.

Open up your browser — on your phone, tablet or laptop — and you can grab the latest file. Or you can email it, no matter how huge the file size. ShareFile eliminates the need for email attachments, converting documents to links instantly.

Secure storage

With our SSAE 16 audited data centers, your files might as well be in Fort Knox. From a security perspective, ShareFile can't be beat:

  • AES 256-bit encryption and SSL/TLS protocols
  • Data storage locations around the world
  • Disaster recovery centers in the U.S. and Europe

We're ready for hackers, brute force exploits and natural disasters. When we say we've got you covered — we mean it.

Compliance is key

Our protocols let you store and share the most confidential records without regulatory concerns. Customers don't have to request copies of huge bulky files and you don't have to hire an outside contractor to handle all the paper.

It's not just a question of protecting PII — it's an ease of doing business that benefits you and your customers. ShareFile has industry-specific tools to the meet the needs of doctors, attorneys, insurance companies and manufacturing firms.

If a mistake gets made, we can wipe mobile devices remotely and provide an audit log of every file transaction.

World-class support

ShareFile is simple to use — sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how easy it is to become a paperless office. But we like to give our customers the red carpet treatment. When you sign up, expect to be onboarded in style. We'll help you get set up, set permissions and install plugins for Outlook or Gmail.

Once you're up and running, you still have access to support 24/7. We follow a customer service model — all of our support teams are based in the U.S.

Don't settle for paperless document storage. Get paperless document management and more at ShareFile.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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