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3 Reasons You Need Paperless Document Management Software

Your office exchanges information digitally, but that can get messy in a hurry without paperless document management software. Citrix ShareFile allows you to keep track of the documents going back and forth in cyberspace, so nothing is lost in the digital shuffle. Here's why you need it.

1) You can't keep track of everything

In the 2011 State of the ECM Industry report, 56 percent of respondents were slightly or not confident "that emails documenting commitments and obligations are recorded, complete, and retrievable." Emails and email attachments are two of the most difficult types of documents to manage within an organization, and policies for dealing with emails vary widely.

39 percent of respondents filed important emails in personal Outlook folders — a dangerous practice for a corporation to engage in. The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook delivers email attachments quickly and securely. It gives you greater oversight over encrypted email content, allowing you to revoke access even after an email is sent. You can also save attachments directly to your ShareFile account.

2) Breaches are expensive

From Target and Home Depot to Ashley Madison and Anthem, corporate data breaches are rampant. According to the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report, the size of the company doesn't have any impact on vulnerability. The expected cost of breaches involving 100 hundred records is a whopping $254 per record.

Employee misuse is a key reason for many data breaches. ShareFile tracks all emails, so you can see who is sharing what. You can restrict uploaded files and folders to certain users, ensuring a greater degree of security. ShareFile also provides an audit trail, so you can view the chain of custody of your files and folders.

3) Improve productivity

Paper gets lost. Whether your employees are wasting time searching filing cabinets for a particular document or they end up having to re-create a document entirely, paper slows productivity. With ShareFile, users can search for and retrieve any emails and attachments they have sent in seconds rather than minutes.

ShareFile doesn't just make documents easier to locate. It also enables the "virtual office." Two thirds of employees want to work from home, and 36 percent would choose this benefit over a pay raise. Paperless document management software makes it easy for this to become a reality. Employees no longer have to lug reams of paper from the office to home and back. They can work in the carpool line, at a hotel, at the airport, or anywhere else with Internet access.

ShareFile is the industry-leading paperless document management software, and these are just a few of the reasons it will improve your business' office. Start your free trial today.



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