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Paperless Document Management

Going paperless can be more than a buzzword. At Citrix ShareFile, paperless document management is simple and secure. Even most confidential files in the healthcare, legal or financial industries will meet regulatory encryption standards. We'll protect all your business intelligence in one simple to use application. And if you have questions, just contact our U.S.- based customer support team, 24/7.

Digitize documents and secure PII

Regulatory worries keep filing cabinets full of paper. Millions of electronically generated pages get printed, compiled and held in house or are boxed up and shipped off site. When clients need access to their documents, the process is arduous and expensive.

ShareFile is built to secure regulated documents — in fact we'll protect all your business intelligence. From healthcare records to due diligence on a merger or acquisition, you set access at the folder and file level, using 25 customizable security settings.

Secure transfer

When you upload a document, we use AES 256-bit encryption and SSL/TLS protocols to secure it.  We also apply HMAC — Hashed Message Authentication Code. With HMAC, the transmission hashes together the data and a private authentication key that's recognized by the server. Key pair authentication is impossible to hack through brute force attacks.

Industry specific tools

At the enterprise-level, we offer industry-specific tools to support compliance with regulatory protocols, such as archiving, audit-trails and real time data access. You can pull files right out of your EHR to share with patients and insurance companies. Plus we offer white-glove onboarding to help employees and clients use the system.

Document management

We're built for business, so we understand you need to use the documents you store. We offer workflow and routing to help teams during projects and processes. Files are checked in and out and permissions are set, constraining access based on the user's need to know.

Documents can be reviewed, approved or held for revision. Use the e-signature feature to sign off — we meet the same standards as required by the IRS, so you can feel confident in the legality of the process.

Productivity without paper

Remote users can access ShareFile on Android and Apple devices. Just download the app, and you can access files online or download to use offline.

Limits can be set to assist with the additional security mobile devices require. Should a device be lost or stolen, it will be wiped remotely. Other constraints on mobile use can be incorporated into your permissions. For example, if a mobile user doesn't log in over the course of a set number of days, access can be denied or terminated.

Paperless document management isn't out of reach. Why not start a 30-day free trial right now? See how easy and secure it is to do business in the cloud.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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