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Overcoming Small Business Obstacles

Too much demand on your time, the arrival of new technology and all that paperwork to fill out with not enough help. Sound familiar?

At Citrix ShareFile, we know from engaging with thousands of small business owners every day that you face the same obstacles as large businesses. You wonder how you can overcome the challenges of running a business while positioning yourself as a company on the move.

Running a successful small business comes through having a strong structure that purposefully arranges things in a specific way. This structure will not only allow a business to evade obstacles, but also position it for growth. Here are four areas of a business where structure can have the biggest impact.


Missed sales targets or larger than expected expenses can disrupt cash flow and be perilous to your business. A balanced budget helps maintain proper financial control of your business amid economic ups and downs so you can maximize profit. This type of financial structure can maintain the direction of your business and be revisited or updated with ease as conditions or the flow of money internally changes.


An essential element of a healthy business, routines help achieve greater consistency and should be applied within all aspects of business operations. Your routines, or processes, are a set of activities that will accomplish specific business goals. Creating processes within your business will allow it to run more efficiently. Routines also allow your business to comfortably contract and expand when necessary without disrupting the flow.


Being surrounded by people who support and embrace your company’s goals is critical. For your employees to become fully supportive of business goals, they must be actively engaged on a regular basis. Rocksolid meetings with your employees set on a consistent date will make a difference in achieving goals, as well as saving time and building team health.

Sales and Marketing

Sharing your business’s successes with the general public can distinguish you from your competitors. This can be achieved by a consistent diet of news releases. News releases submitted to trade publications and relevant news media will help keep the business in front of the public.

Consider File Sharing

Now that you have embraced a culture of structure, it’s time to incorporate a tool that will help you in all of the above areas and more- file sharing and storage. Exchanging large documents and folders requires more than standard email. Since most email providers limit the size and type of attachments, you can find yourself having to try to break down a file into smaller pieces. This is impossible with an image or video.

You need a system that doesn’t require using slow methods of delivery like mail or confusing ones like FTP. Great collaboration requires something that is fast and easy to use. Ideally, you want a file-sharing solution that fits into your business workflow, enhances collaboration among your team and doesn’t require IT support every time you need to send a big file. It should enhance the structure of your operations, not hinder it.

You also want your confidential information, and your client’s information, to be protected whenever you exchange it. Regular email poses the threat of hacking no matter what size the file, and your precious financial data and other details could end up in the wrong hands and harm your business.

It’s even better if it has storage capability in the cloud that allows you to archive an unlimited number of files and folders without needing to back up a server — or even use one. You’ll have no worries about losing or missing information.

There is one solution that meets all these criteria — Citrix ShareFile. It’s a top, affordable tool you can add to collaborate, share files and protect confidential data. Check us out at to see how we can help improve your success as a small business.