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Share Files Electronically

Exchanging large documents, folders images or video requires more than standard email. A file-sharing solution allows you to access, send and receive this information instantly, regardless of size.

  • Offer convenience to customer
  • Save time and money
  • Add unlimited storage

Collaborate Better

A file-sharing solution allows multiple people to edit and collaborate on a single file or document without overwrites. You don’t have to worry about tracking the latest version of a document or what changes have been made.

  • Drive workflow
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance collaboration

Improve Security & Compliance

Sharing confidential/sensitive information in the cloud is often more secure than storing it on site. Data in a file-sharing solution is done through a secured portal during transmission and while at rest, with activity logged throughout.

  • Get bank-level email encryption
  • Track user log activity
  • Create custom compliance reports

Enjoy Ease of Use

A file-sharing solution can be used on an electronic device with an Internet connection. You no longer will be tied down to your business to share information.

  • Share files with any mobile device
  • Move documents seamlessly
  • Conduct business anywhere

Stand apart from your competitors and excel with file sharing as professional, distinguished and unique as you are from Citrix Sharefile, a leader in online file sharing.

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