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Open source file encryption

Disk encryption and file encryption software solutions abound. Many of them are open source, which can be tempting to a business owner due to the low-to-no cost nature of the programs. However, your business's critical files need the best security. Open source encryption solutions have many potential security flaws, and you need a stronger option.

What is open source file encryption?

Open source file encryption is encryption with free license for developers to modify to suit their needs. However, many of these sites using open source encryption have suffered security setbacks.

Security issues

In 2014, many free file-sharing services were affected by a worldwide vulnerability that exposed millions of passwords and critical files. This vulnerability or bug was possible due to open source file encryption that permitted developers who were not properly vetted.

Is the risk avoidable?

While free sharing with open source file encryption appeals to companies’ bottom line, it may be safer to look elsewhere. Citrix ShareFile, which uses 256-bit encryption that is trusted by financial institutions and the government, was unaffected by the 2014 vulnerability. In addition to providing greater security during transfers, ShareFile stores your digital files at accredited, audited datacenters for maximum protection.

Still affordable

At ShareFile, we offer many affordable options for businesses of all sizes. We can design a custom secure file sharing and storage package that suits the needs of your business. All of our clients receive access to our 24-hour customer service line for any issues that may arise.

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