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5 Trends to Prove Online Collaboration is the New Teamwork

Team collaboration is challenging enough when done face-to-face. Collaborating online adds a whole new dimension. As the modern business world scatters employees further and further apart, the importance of online team collaboration gets greater and greater.

So how are companies coping? Many are finding relief in cloud-based software companies such as Citrix ShareFile. Computer World has highlighted five key collaboration trends, and it’s interesting to note the ways in which ShareFile has become such a trendsetter.

Online collaboration is the new teamwork

The five key collaboration trends are:

1. Increasing technology adoption — Integrating the latest in collaboration technology such as ShareFile saves time and money, manages risk and ensures accountability. These all accelerate revenue growth.

2. From software to SaaS — Cloud-based software like that of ShareFile eliminates installations, upgrades and maintenance of hardware and software, driving more companies to make the switch from their on-premise software.

3. Vertical specialization — ShareFile allows users to customize client portals specific to their company brand or industry language. There are also special programs designed explicitly for different fields including healthcare, financial and more.

4. Mobility follows the user — Online team collaboration can’t and shouldn’t be limited to desktop computers. With ShareFile, you can collaborate on documents anywhere at any time on any supported device.

5. Big Data: Challenge or Opportunity? — Storing and sharing large files is vital to collaboration. ShareFile allows you to store an unlimited number of files and share up to 100 GB at a time for maximum collaboration.

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