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Online File Storage: Bringing Some Method to the Madness

Storing files online just makes sense. With no tangible hardware needed and accessibility from any location, the Internet is fast becoming the file storage choice for today's professionals.

So what options do you have for online file storage? Which is the best method for your business?

We'll break down four ways of storing files online and examine the dynamics of each.

Where to put it all

Four of the most common methods of online file storage are:

    ● Using an internal network.

    ● Stashing files in an email system.

    ● Maintaining your own website.

    ● Using a cloud-based file storage service like Citrix ShareFile.

Internal Networks

An internal network can be handy for storing company files, but this method comes with one major flaw: allies such as clients or colleagues have no access to the files. This means sharing any information requires a retrieval of the document and a manual transfer.

The extra legwork takes time. What if an important client sends a request for information on a Friday, but you don’t see the email until Monday? It also creates an extra step for you and the recipient. Networks are satisfactory for internal storage but lack the streamlined efficiency demanded in today’s business world.

Email Systems

An easy way of keeping files online is to use an email system as a giant storage bin. Here’s the problem: email systems aren’t all that giant. Most email servers can only process files of around 20 MB in size. That’s fine for simple text documents but can leave visual presentations or high-definition graphics stranded.

Your Own Website

Basic websites can be created for very little money and serve as nifty little online storage tools. But they are also short on security and high on maintenance. You don’t want to trust your important files to a website that can be hacked by outsiders, attacked by viruses or depleted by a crashed server. Plus, these servers often don’t have the storage capacity to meet your demands.


In contrast to the other options, ShareFile brings convenience, ease of use and security to online file storage. Upload an unlimited number of files and transfer up to 100 GB at a time. Access files from any location on a range of devices. Enjoy the peace of mind provided by state-of-the-art security measures. Let us take care of the maintenance while you store and share files in seconds.

ShareFile is the online file storage choice of over 50 million business professionals. Use our free 30-day trial to see why.

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