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Online file sharing

Online file-sharing services are growing in popularity, and free file-sharing services are everywhere. Your business needs a file-sharing tool that is reliable, secure and easy to use. So should you go with a free file sharing service? They have some serious risk, so let's look at some more efficient alternatives.

File sharing online just makes sense

Files can be shared in any number of ways. But what are the advantages of doing it online?

Speed — Large documents that would take days by traditional mail or hours by fax can be shared in just seconds online.

Ease of use — Sharing a file online with ShareFile is as simple as sending an email attachment. There's no complicated software to navigate or hardware to install or maintain.

Security — Regular email file sharing leaves users exposed to vulnerability. ShareFile goes above and beyond to keep files safe and secure, right where they belong.

Mobility — No need to find a post office, printer or fax machine. With ShareFile, you can send and receive documents from any location on a range of different devices.

Accountability — Forget postal tracking and receipt signatures. ShareFile alerts administrators of the details of every download and all access and changes to a document are tracked and recorded.

Capacity — Email systems have file size restrictions. Postage can get expensive for bulky envelopes. ShareFile allows users to share files of up to 100 GB in size with ease.

Accessibility — When you share a file online with ShareFile, it's not out of your hands. You can still easily view and access the file to make changes and have it archived for easy organization.

Invisibility — With online file sharing, there's no need to crowd up your office with file cabinets and folders.

Don't just read about all the advantages of online file sharing. Experience them yourself with a free 30-day trial with ShareFile.

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