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Discover an Alternative to Online File Compression

One handy way of condensing large documents for easy transfer through an email system is by using an online file compression tool. The compression or zipping of files shrinks the documents into a format that is more viable for the limitations of most email systems.

But as useful as online file compression tools are, there are six ways they come up short when compared to cloud-based file-sharing programs.

1. You don’t have to save files on your computer. Online file compression tools are great for sending documents. But those large documents must first be saved on your computer or external hard drive in order to do so. If a file is large enough to require a compression, it’s large enough to put a dent in your storage space as well.

2. File compression can backfire. Compressing files with few redundancies such as graphics or audio can sometimes result in a compressed file that’s actually larger than the original.

3. It doesn’t take all day. Performing an online file compression for a few large documents can take several minutes. Depending on your system and the circumstances, it could take an hour.

4. You’re not using email. Despite compressing files, you’re still dealing with the size and sending limitations of your (and your recipients’) email system. Some email systems even block files with a “.ZIP” name for security reasons.

5. It’s less complicated. Performing an online file compression is just another added step in the process of sending data.

6. You can send anywhere, from anywhere. Storing and sending your files in the cloud allows you to share files no matter where you go on a range of mobile devices.

An alternative to online file compression

If you need to send large files on a regular basis, consider a cloud-based file-sharing solution like Citrix ShareFile. It’s easy, safe and convenient. And, for 30 days, it’s even free with a no-obligation trial. Sign up now to discover an alternative to online file compressors.

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