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1992: The Roots of Online Collaboration Software

They may not have realized it then, but a group of Boeing employees in 1992 was well ahead of its time. Instead of shouting over one another during brainstorming sessions, workers typed their ideas onto personal computers that were linked to an internal network and loaded with a simple software program.

The collaborators could see everyone else’s notes in real time, and the system had a significant impact on increasing productivity. Little did they know the software, coined “groupware,” would have such an effect on the future of collaboration.

Just like Boeing airplanes themselves, online collaboration software has soared to new heights in the time since. And the software that’s currently ahead of its time is Citrix ShareFile.

Flying high with collaboration

ShareFile is a software platform used for online collaboration by millions of professionals all over the world and has taken corporate teamwork to the cloud, much like Boeing airplanes. With ShareFile, you can:

Transfer large amounts. Move up to 100 GB of data with our Business plan.

Go anywhere. Access and share information on your mobile device.

Provide security. Files are protected by cutting-edge encryption, and accounts are password protected.

Track your route. An activity tracker monitors all edits, email alerts keep you posted of user actions and file versioning allows you to see previous versions of changed documents.

Unlike most plane tickets, though, ShareFile is easily affordable. It starts at just $16 per month and offers four distinct pricing plans. And there’s no overbooking with ShareFile, as you’re free to store an unlimited number of documents. And unlike some airline companies, our customer service is available 24/7 by phone or email. Those are just a few ways ShareFile is distinguished among cloud-based companies.

Take a look at all of the features of our online collaboration software, and take your team building to the cloud.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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