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Redefining Collaboration Online

Most people’s first time collaborating with others occurs around kindergarten, from making “forts” with building blocks to choreographing less-than-graceful dance routines with unwilling classmates. This means we begin developing basic team dynamics at a young age.

Eventually, we learn to harness those skills into adulthood and use them to meet business goals. Technological advancements have eased collaboration among teams spread out in different cities, states, even nations. It’s no longer necessary to be in the same room at the same time to accomplish current and future goals.

From a simple brainstorming session to editing and designing a presentation, online collaboration tools give you a range of resources to streamline the process from start to finish in real time, including:

Managing your business’ calendar.

Uploading, editing and sharing documents.

Transferring large files that exceed email attachment size limits.

Receiving instant email notifications for any updates or changes.

Enhance your business’s definition of online collaboration

There’s no exact definition for how online collaboration should be conducted. It depends on your business’s short- and long-term goals, which means a tool that’s useful today may not be as essential six months from now. This leaves businesses with a dilemma, because using multiple resources for different purposes implies having potentially sensitive information more exposed than you’d like.

That’s where Citrix ShareFile comes in. Our cloud service provides a secure centralized resource for all your online collaboration needs.

Top six reasons why ShareFile is right for your business

Does your business:

Send large files? With ShareFile, you can securely transfer files up to 100 GB in size, including high-resolution videos and photos. Also, forget about maxing out your email’s attachment limit. Our easily downloadable Plugin for Microsoft Outlook allows you to send files up to 10 GB with a normal email.

Need storage? Our storage plans range from 100 GB to unlimited. Plus, our Enterprise plan gives clients the option of choosing where to store data — whether it’s on premises, in the cloud or a combination of the two.

Brainstorm a lot? We provide unlimited file versioning to let your creative juices flow without worrying about accidental overwrites or running out of storage space. This feature gives you the option to restore files to any previous drafts, which can be vital when multiple people edit the same file.

Want flexible access? Cloud storage allows you to access files and folders in and out of the office on any network-connected mobile device or desktop with Internet capability.

Track data activity? Your IT department can track and log file activity in real time, so you can restrict users from allowing third-party editors from creating unsecure copies of folders and files.

Like security? Since our services were designed with businesses in mind, we make your security our priority. Besides industry-standard (AES 256-bit) encryption protocol, firewalls and virus scanners, we also offer a remote wipe tool, ID verification, share link expirations and more.

If you answered yes to any of these reasons, then contact us to start your free trial today!

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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