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Online Cloud Storage: How Citrix ShareFile Sets the Bar

Online cloud storage software, such as Citrix ShareFile, provides a safe haven for documents, photos, audio files, video files and more. By easily storing files in a highly secure setting, this type of cloud storage sidesteps many of the dangers associated with freely sending information into cyberspace.

ShareFile sleeps with one eye open, so you can rest peacefully

How does ShareFile differ from plain old online cloud storage? Think of traditional cloud storage as letting your kids out of the house to run amok of the neighborhood under no supervision. Now think of ShareFile as setting your children free to roam the neighborhood with the supervision of a team of bodyguards, the ability to track their every movement and the power to instantly teleport them back home at any minute.

Basically, ShareFile conducts online storage in a safe and regulated fashion. Imagine being able to:

    ● Store files in datacenters with secure servers, with your information backed up to even more datacenters with their own secure servers.

    ● Have your documents protected by the same encryption used by the U.S. government during storage and transfer.

    ● Access your stored documents from home, work or on the move with a mobile device.

    ● Store an unlimited number of files, and save them as long as you wish.

    ● Sync up your stored files with folders on your desktop, and integrate your cloud account with your desktop or mobile device.

    ● View previous versions of files long after changes have been made, and keep a detailed record of all file activity.

This is online cloud storage the ShareFile way. By signing up for a free 30-day trial with no obligations, you can put your online files in a better place — the ShareFile place. 

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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