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Online Storage: Backing up to the Future

For as long as computers have been around, there have been fears surrounding the security of stored data. Backing up files has always been a smart idea. But hard drives are vulnerable to crashes, and flash drives are easy to lose and have other disadvantages.

But thanks to evolving technology, there’s now a less tangible place to back up important information. Online backups are becoming standard in today’s business world, and Citrix ShareFile is at the forefront of the industry.

Advantages to online backups with ShareFile

We are a cloud-based file-sharing and storage company dedicated to safeguarding data for a wide range of industries all over the world. The advantages to backing up data online with ShareFile include:

Storage space. With ShareFile, you can perform an online backup of an unlimited number of files of up to 100 GB in size.

Increased safety. With your information backed up online, there’s no need to worry about a device being stolen, hacked or crashing.

Improved efficiency. Files backed up online can be accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

Affordability. Online backups mean no more costly hardware maintenance or accumulation of computer accessories.

Accessibility. See old versions of backed up files and sync up online folders with folders from your desktop.

Most of all, online backups bring peace of mind. With ShareFile, your files are transferred using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols and stored with AES 256-bit encryption.

Your data is backed up to servers residing in multiple secure datacenters featuring hurricane-rated roofs and redundant power sources. Regular backups are performed in separate locations, and audits are carried out to monitor the datacenters’ security.

Erase any fears you may have about the security of your data. Sign up for a free 30-day trial with ShareFile and discover the value of online backups.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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