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Managing Email Security with Citrix ShareFile

By Sarah Gould, Citrix ShareFile

Email is inexpensive and convenient, but improper use of this resource poses a serious security risk for thousands of investment firms worldwide. Sending information via email is frequently compared to writing it on a postcard. Text and attachments are sent in plain text and relayed from your email server to the recipient’s server. Investment advisors and broker dealers have an obligation to protect client information from being easily read or confiscated in transit by anyone with access to the email server.

There are moral obligations to protecting client information, but federal and state laws also mandate that advisors take steps against security breaches. Since the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act became law, many investment advisor firms have considered new ways to enhance the security of their clients’ identifiable data. This is especially important when documents containing personal data are attached to email messages. Attaching small PDFs containing marketing materials or newsletters is fine, but when attachments include sensitive client information, such as account numbers, statements and reports, the communication must be secured.

“ShareFile resolves one of the main breakdowns in secure communication between investment advisors and their clients with a ‘request’ feature.”Investment advisors turn to Citrix ShareFile to keep client data secure

Citrix ShareFile provides a cloud-based solution that combines the ease of email with sophisticated security features. ShareFile makes it easy to upload files to a secure document vault and then create a link in an email instead of attaching files. Recipients are able to download documents easily from the link. It’s a quick, simple process that employees and clients will appreciate.

Enhance email with advanced security features

Files are encrypted by ShareFile during transfer and also while stored on ShareFile servers. Optional security settings let you choose what additional protections will apply to links to the files. Links can be password-protected or set to expire after a given time frame. These precautions prevent unauthorized users from accessing files, even if they can access your original email.

“Clients appreciate their advisor’s effort to keep their files secure.” Track access to your files ShareFile central reporting creates custom reports with as much or as little information as you need. A single report can contain an audit of all activity on the account, or it can display only specific actions or timeframes.

Run reports on permissions or account storage to easily check if each client has access to the correct files and folders. ShareFile will save a copy of each report for you, providing a complete record of portal access and usage.

If you prefer instant updates, you may choose to receive activity notifications of any uploads or downloads from ShareFile links.

ShareFile email notifications

+ Receive notice of activity immediately.

+ Consolidate notifications to include all activity in one daily message.

+ Select which files and actions will generate notifications.

Give your clients a simple solution they will love

Clients appreciate their advisor’s effort to keep their files secure, but many clients may not be comfortable with new programs or methods for getting to their information. If you’ve ever tried to send files to a client through a cumbersome system such as FTP, you know that you are likely to get a request to resend the file over email, which defeats the purpose of putting a secure infrastructure in place. With a link from ShareFile, the client simply opens an email message and clicks on the link to download the file. There is no need to set up a separate account or download any additional software.

Work quickly with easy-to use-features

ShareFile integrates with an advisor’s workflow to make sending as easy as possible.

Send ShareFile links directly from Microsoft Outlook

The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook places a ShareFile toolbar in the Outlook screen, so you can add ShareFile links instead of traditional attachments. The plugin makes it easy to accommodate requests for reports immediately, without sacrificing security.

ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

+ Transfer files securely without leaving Outlook.

+ Create ShareFile links through the Outlook toolbar, drag and drop or “Send To” features.

+ Help clients adapt to secure sending by integrating with email.

ShareFile resolves one of the main breakdowns in secure communication between investment advisors and their clients with a “request” feature. In addition to allowing advisors to replace their own attachments with secure links, ShareFile creates request links, which can be placed in an email to allow the recipient to upload files back to the sender’s ShareFile account. With unlimited uploads, request links facilitate financial planning and other tasks that require a large number of documents from the client. Requests can prevent undesirable scenarios where an advisor may go to great lengths to keep client information confidential, only to find that clients continue to send them financial information and return signed forms over email.

Share right from your desktop

For users who do not use Outlook or prefer a different workflow, the ShareFile Desktop Widget offers easy access to sending and requesting files directly from the user’s desktop. With Mac and Windows compatibility, the widget offers exceptional flexibility for efficient, secure communication. Users simply open the widget interface to view their files and folders on ShareFile and then can send files from there or from other locations on the computer. ShareFile can create the email with a secure link directly from the widget or produce a link that may be included in an outgoing email from the user’s own email program.

“Citrix ShareFile provides a cloud-based solution that combines the ease of email with sophisticated security features.”Access files instantly on any device

A convenient web interface and mobile apps allow you to take advantage of ShareFile security features even on the go. All you need is a web browser or app to send a file securely from any computer or device. Access, send, request or edit files while traveling or share with a client during a meeting out of the office. ShareFile mobility helps advisors become more responsive to their clients, without the need for endless hours in the office. As with the widget, both the web interface and ShareFile mobile apps feature built-in email capabilities and options to link to files for easy sending through webmail or a different program.

Experience world-class service

The ShareFile team works with investment professionals every day to ensure advisors have the tools they need for easy, secure file transfer. Every ShareFile account is contacted by a dedicated onboarding specialist – a ShareFile expert able to help with answering questions, recommending the best features for a firm’s workflow and conducting custom training sessions.

Customer support is ShareFile’s top priority, and full support is available to all accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Advisors can always get assistance when needed by phone, chat or email.

ShareFile support also includes complimentary customization for a more personalized, professional online presence. ShareFile’s design team creates a branded interface including your firm’s logo and branding. When you send links from ShareFile, the recipients see your firm’s branding, which they already know and trust, on the upload or download screen.

“Customer support is ShareFile’s top priority.” Upgrade your email security with ease

Investment advisors need robust tools for file transfer to ensure that client information is secure. ShareFile offers encryption, password-protection and comprehensive audit features to help advisors and broker-dealers maintain confidentiality.

Contact ShareFile by calling 1-800-441-3453 for a free demonstration or sign up for a 30-day trial to see if ShareFile is right for you.