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Make Your Mobile Device Your Virtual Briefcase

Access Files Easily

Be agile at the airport

A file-storage solution prevents you from carrying files and documents and eliminates the fear of them being lost or misplaced. All you have to carry is your luggage as you board the plane.

  • Store files of any size.
  • Keep documents protected and secure.
  • Organize files efficiently.

Update Documents on the Fly

Avoid being held up at the hotel

Collaboration is simple with a file-sharing solution. Instead of being chained to the hotel business center, collaborate and update your documents on any device with an Internet connection.

  • Make updates anywhere.
  • Stop enduring email chains of updated drafts.
  • Avoid wasting paper when updating.

Implement Team File Document Edits

Tighten up in the taxi

Catch a typo while reviewing a document in the taxi? A file-sharing solution allows you to make any edits anywhere instantly. Anyone on your team can make edits, with the latest version of the document available immediately to everyone.

  • Correct mistakes instantly.
  • Avoid proposals being delayed because of error.
  • Review user log tracking.

Do Presentations via Monitor

Blow them away in the boardroom

Store your meeting presentation in a file-storage solution and have quick access. Instead of lugging around a laptop or other device storing your presentation, instantly put it up on the conference room monitor.

  • Store any kind of software package.
  • Access presentations easily.
  • Impress clients with efficiency.