Let’s collaborate with ShareFile & Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office integrates with ShareFile to enable users to collaborate within the context of where they work. Whether they’re in the ShareFile UI or the Files app, users can create, share, and collaborate.. In this blog post, we’ll look at how you can deliver a unified experience for employees to be productive and do their best work. 

New features:

  • Co-author using Microsoft Office online: When viewing a ShareFile link share, recipients can immediately start to live edit documents 

Seamless collaboration:

  • Create Microsoft Office documents directly within the ShareFile interface, requiring no context switching
  • Co-author within a web browser for files stored on ShareFile 
  • Link to ShareFile content directly from the Files app for Microsoft Outlook
  • Access all your content via ShareFile on-premises and cloud connectors. For more information, see Connectors documentation.

Let’s collaborate

How are collaborators using this integration? Here’s an an example of a Financial Advisor brainstorming with their Admin peer on a client engagement letter.

Access content

The company uses ShareFile to provide a unified access point to all the content employees need. No data migration is required because connectors to SharePoint online and their company Network Shares appear in the ShareFile UI. They also have access to their personal folders hosted with ShareFile cloud storage. Both employees are logged into their account. One prefers the web UI and the other prefers the native Windows experience using the Files app.

Create documents directly from ShareFile 

The Admin creates a new template for a client engagement letter. Within the ShareFile UI or directly within the Files for desktop app, users can create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Access documents. The following images show how to initiate a new document from Files app or the ShareFile UI to create a new document within your folder of choice.

Co-author documents stored on ShareFile

Co-authoring takes ShareFile’s collaboration tools to the next level, enabling multiple users to edit Microsoft Office documents stored with ShareFile. Both the author and the collaborator gain productivity by working within one interface for document storage, creation, collaboration, and sharing. . In our example, the Admin sends a link to the template for the Advisor to start editing. Collaboration can be initiated from wherever you work: the ShareFile web UI or the Files app for Windows and Mac. Read this article to learn how to share files with the get a link feature. The image below shows that this link share has enabled recipients to view, download, and co-author.


What is new? We’ve made enhancements to file preview of a shared link with edit permissions from ShareFile. When a recipient views the link, they can directly initiate an edit session. The following image shows what the Advisor sees once they view the link.

All collaborators both internal and external to the organization can utilize the Microsoft Office Online integration. It requires the author to select permissions and the collaborator to have a Microsoft license. This provides flexibility for the user to select permissions on the file without the need to involve IT. Additionally, this feature is available to ShareFile Advanced and Premium edition customers who have the setting "Enable Microsoft Office Previewing and Editing” turned ON. Read this article for more information about ShareFile co-editing with Microsoft Office 365

Utilize the Files app for Microsoft Outlook

Using the ShareFile plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, you will be able to send large files without any restrictions. Files’ encrypted email allows you to encrypt the body of the email message to your recipient, along with any attachments, with industry-standard AES 256 bit encryption. Attachments are converted to a secure link so any concerns about receiving attachments or large files getting blocked are eliminated. This article provides and overview of how to install and use the plug-in. You can also watch a demonstration of the feature in the video below.

Getting Started with ShareFile - Files for Outlook

Connectors for Office 365 and other content

The ShareFile Connector for Office 365 applications allows users to access and edit their SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business accounts from ShareFile, providing companies with the flexibility to determine how and where users store files while not hampering the end user’s ability to get their job done. ShareFile connectors enable access to SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint on-premises. This article details how to enable connectors on an account.

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The integration between Microsoft 365, Office 365 apps OneDrive, and ShareFile allows you to improve collaboration and security.

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