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FTP Sites Aren’t The Only Way

FTP sites are great in theory, and at one time they were a terrific way to transfer large files. But improved technology and heightened safety concerns have exposed their flaws. Most FTP users spend more time on support measures for their site than on its actual intention: sharing files.

A safer and more efficient alternative to an FTP site is to use a cloud-based file-sharing service such as Citrix ShareFile. So how does ShareFile work, and why is it a smarter option than an FTP site?

Why ShareFile > Average FTP sites


An FTP site can be a headache to set up and a pain in the neck to maintain. First, you have to build the site. Then you have to spend valuable time servicing it and the needs of your clients.

ShareFile requires no hardware to install, no software to maintain and no additional IT resources. You can literally begin transferring large files with ShareFile within minutes with our free 30-day trial.


Any user can log in to an FTP site and download files. This is fine if you’re just sharing music from your band or chapters of that novel you’ve been writing. But is this rogue file sharing what you would want for important business documents or client information?

ShareFile allows you to select the users you would like to grant access to particular folders and password-protect each one. You can even set up email alerts to notify you when someone downloads a file.


There is no way to encrypt a file in an FTP site. Because of this, many businesses are hesitant about using FTP sites or are avoiding them altogether.

ShareFile uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your files. It’s the same encryption method used by the U.S. government to transfer top secret files.


FTP sites have limitations on their ability to transfer high volumes of data. Simultaneously sending files to multiple recipients or documents that are excessively large in size often cause a painfully slow transfer process or an error message.

ShareFile allows you to instantly send files of up to 100 GB in size with no impact in regards to the number of recipients.


Most basic FTP sites require additional steps in order to access the network remotely, if that’s even possible.

How will you transfer files from now on?

A. With an FTP site

B. With ShareFile

You know the right answer to this one.


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