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FTP Alternative

You know the horrors of FTP- the crashes, the clutter and the incomplete transfers. Move up to the reliable service your business deserves. ShareFile is the FTP alternative offering secure, web-based file transfer that is easier, safer and more efficient then FTP.

With ShareFile, you can say goodbye to those frustrating phone calls to customers, asking them to resend files over and over again. You’ll also stop worrying about whether your data will be intercepted during transmission, with dire consequences. Instead, you get uninterrupted transfer of small or very large files, securely and without error, again and again. If you're tired of uncertain FTP or email attachments, our reliable and secure service is for you.

Easy File Transfer

ShareFile is built to be easy to use, while also providing the security that businesses demand. Files are uploaded and downloaded in a custom-branded, web-based interface that is seamless and intuitive. There are no special ports required and no additional software to download. File transfers are fast and reliable. Just select a file, type in a recipient and send. It’s as easy as that. You’ll also enjoy:

  • Mobile apps for managing files on the go
  • Powerful tools to integrate ShareFile into your normal workflow
  • Dedicated account management to assist with setup and support
  • Tracking and alerts to monitor file usage

ShareFile is the FTP alternative you’ve been waiting for! Find out how your company can benefit from this professional service and make FTP a thing of the past. Start a free trial today.

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