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The End of File Storage As We Know It

In your Internet search for “file storage,” you will likely come across a lot of plastic tubs, containers and cabinets. For around 30 bucks, you can cram your files into a heavy tub and lug them all over town.


Now consider and compare an alternative brought to you by Citrix ShareFile. At an affordable monthly price, you can store files without ever having to lift a finger, let alone a tub full of paper.

ShareFile keeps your files protected in highly secure datacenters with multiple backups and top-of-the-line encryption and authentication. In contrast, plastic containers use snap-down buckles to keep your items safe. Hope it’s nothing important.

With ShareFile, your files reside in the cloud, which is uniquely infinite in size while taking up no room in your office at the same time. A plastic bin stores a limited amount of files while taking up a sizeable chunk of real estate in the corner of your workspace.

Need to transfer your stored information? Do so with just a couple of clicks of the mouse with ShareFile, or take ahold of that tub’s handles and get your legs moving.

Shall we go on, or have you decided to stop your search for file storing right here?

File away your old method into storage

The demand for online file storage is on the rise. At many companies, this need is outpacing the IT department’s ability to keep up. ShareFile satisfies the file storage requirements of companies all over the world across a wide range of industries.

We have four affordable plans with unique needs in mind for both personal and business file storage. Plus, you’ll save money on paper and ink while creating more space in your building. Easily access your stored files at any time from a PC, Mac or mobile device and enjoy the added security that cannot be offered by a piece of plastic.

See what ShareFile users everywhere are saying about our file-storage service, and trade in your plastic bin for the cloud.


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