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File Sharing Program

Turn an everyday task into an opportunity to fortify your company's image with the Internet's best file sharing program. Let Citrix ShareFile show you how. With high-tech, trouble-free file exchange for documents of all sizes and types, ShareFile allows you to offer a quality service to valued clients. They'll appreciate the convenience and security of the file transfer, and you’ll appreciate how easy it is to use.

Not only that, when you sign up for our service we will customize your ShareFile portal to match your site's fonts, colors and branding at no extra charge. Your brand recognition is a factor whenever users sign in, and with unlimited use that can be as many times as you like.

Associate Your Company Brand with Productivity

In any business, a few extra minutes of productivity are indeed a gift. Your business and your clients can benefit from ShareFile's incredible speed and efficiency-boosting power tools.

  • Share files up to 10 GB quickly and easily
  • Access files anywhere with cloud-based storage
  • Send large files securely with the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook
  • Integrate ShareFile into your normal workflow with the Desktop Widget
  • Manage files on the go with mobile apps for all major devices

Let your company image shine through in all that you do. Use a file sharing program that signifies reliability and innovation. Get ShareFile's free trial today and find new ways to improve your company's productivity.

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