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Large file upload tips

Sharing files is a business must, but sharing big files can get complicated. Email isn't always the best option, as there are file size limits. FTP servers can be cumbersome and may lack the security features you need. What options does this leave you for large file uploads?

Do more than upload files

An article published by CPA Practice Advisor states that ShareFile "is a great solution for centralizing data transfer between computers and data storage in the cloud. ShareFile helps you securely transfer large files to anyone on the Internet."

Not only does ShareFile enable large files to be shared quickly and easily, but our software is secure, scalable and customizable based on the needs of your specific industry. With ShareFile, you can:

  • Organize data — You can store monthly statements, tax records and other files and keep track of changes made to files on your account.
  • Get signatures within seconds — It can be difficult to streamline paperwork when you need to get several signatures. With our e-signature feature, clients and colleagues can instantly and electronically sign documents right from their computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Send confidential documents — Security is our top priority at ShareFile, and our software stores all of your files in SSA16 datacenters, features AES 256-bit encryption and provides detailed activity reports and tracking features.
  • Work from anywhere — Our software can be synced to multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets and multiple computers. With ShareFile, you can have access to your important documents from anywhere at any time.
  • Archive account files — Unlike many file-sharing systems that delete sent messages, files and folders after use, ShareFile enables them to be accessed at a later date. It is important to note, however, that this feature is only available for specific ShareFile plans.

Plans and pricing

At ShareFile, we offer several plans to meet the unique needs of every customer:

  • Personal Plan — Our personal plan includes one employee account, 100 GB storage and 10 GB max file size for $16 per month.
  • Team Plan — Our team plan is great for growing businesses and includes five employee accounts, 1 TB storage and 10 GB max file size for $60 per month. Each additional employee account is $10.
  • Business Plan — Our most popular plan includes five employee accounts, unlimited storage and 100 GB max file size for $100 per month. Additional employee accounts are $12 per account.
  • Virtual Data Room — Our highest plan includes advanced security and tracking, 5 GB storage, and 10 GB max file size for $295 per month.

Ready to upload large files and share information with ease? Try ShareFile free for 30 days!

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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