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Large Email Attachments

Have you ever had to send large email attachments, only to be disappointed hours later when you realized that your clients didn't receive them? Not only that, many businesses don't realize that virtually all files sent through email travel across the Internet completely in the clear for any hacker or interested snooper to see. This can be a huge business liability if you are sending files containing personal or confidential information, such as business plans, financial data, trade secrets or healthcare information.

Eliminate all of the hassles and security risks involved in emailing large files with Citrix ShareFile, the secure online service that lets you send files up to 10 GB without having to worry about bounced emails, clogged inboxes or security risks.

The process is simple:

ShareFile provides business-friendly, secure software to help companies of all kinds send and receive files without the problems that come with email attachments. With a web-based interface, users can upload and send large files as secure, password-protected links anytime, anywhere.

  • Securely upload files using any web browser (no software installation required).
  • Optionally require a user name and password before your clients can download the files.
  • Clients will receive an email with a hyperlink to download the files. There are no attachments, so no need to worry about bounced emails.
  • Clients download the files securely via an encrypted email transfer.
  • You can be notified by email once clients have downloaded the files.

Don't Email Large Attachments — Use ShareFile Instead

ShareFile's service is ideal for graphic artists, musicians, movie producers, accountants, law firms, construction firms, architects, engineers, consultants or any other business that is frustrated by large email attachments and needs a way to transfer files easily, securely and professionally.

To learn more about ShareFile's services, call us toll-free at 1-800-441-3453, or sign up for a full-featured free trial today!