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Large Email Attachment Solution

Despite the ability to share information instantly online, sometimes files are too large to send as email attachments. Businesses across multiple industries often need important documents like case studies, medical records and blueprints — and they need them immediately. At Citrix ShareFile, our solutions make sharing large attachments easy for your business.

Email Attachment Problems

When you start trying to send email attachments that are more than 10 MB, you can run into roadblocks. Email providers put a file size limit on attachments. Maybe you can get to 25 MB. But if you're sending a large video file or a huge collection of tax documents, you'll be stuck breaking them up in to smaller batches. It's time consuming and inefficient. Not to mention, email isn't secure enough to handle sensitive data.

Solutions Designed With Your Business in Mind

ShareFile is a secure cloud-based file-sharing and transfer service built for business. Say goodbye to email attachments and send a secure link to instead. It bypasses pesky file-size limits and security concerns. Simply send an email from your ShareFile account or copy a link to share with clients.

Our large file sharing solutions meet the needs of industries including: accounting, legal, medical, financial, architecture, real estate, engineering, construction, manufacturing and more.

We offer four unique packages that solve the problems of emailing large attachments:

Personal Plan

Share the documents you that are essential to getting your small business started. Our Personal Plan allows for 100 GB of storage with a 10 GB maximum file size.

Team Plan

Starting off with five employee accounts, our Team Plan means you and your associates can securely store documents up to 1 TB, with a maximum file size of 10 GB.

Business Plan

Our most popular file-sharing plan means your company will enjoy unlimited storage and the ability to seamlessly share massive 100 GB files. Take advantage of other advanced features like encrypted email, archiving and File Drop to make sharing data even more comprehensive.

Virtual Data Room

Control every aspect of your due diligence, real estate and legal transactions, fundraising, biotech licensing, clinical studies, board reporting, IP repository IPOs and more with our secured platform. This plan offers 5 GB of attachment storage, with 10 GB for the maximum file size. Unique features include click trails, view only and dynamic watermarking for personalized sharing and review.

All of our plans include versioning (draft saving), upgradeable features, file sharing, mobile access, unlimited client users, syncing, activity logs and desktop widgets so you can view your documents across multiple stations.

File Sharing Software With a Personal Touch

There’s no need to ever worry about cumbersome large email attachments again. With ShareFile, have confidence in our practical and personalized file sharing solutions that are both affordable and easy to use.

Why not see for yourself how ShareFile will benefit your business?

Start your 30-day free trial today with unlimited storage and 24/7 live customer service.