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International Business Growth Starts in the Cloud

By Sarah Gould, Citrix ShareFile

Globalization has expanded the opportunities available to all of us. In today’s business climate, it is possible for anyone to become part of an international team and reach clients and partners worldwide. With the accessibility of new markets and contacts, business is able to grow more quickly than was possible in even the recent past. A company with the right resources and mindset can now find employees and customers beyond its geographic region.

However, in this rapidly changing economy, it can also be difficult for businesses to find their way. You may already connect with people in other countries for business but find that communication is complex and time consuming. Traditional methods of collaborating, such as hosting meetings on site or over the phone, can be costly enough to discourage spontaneous interaction. It is essential to have cost-effective, flexible tools in place to get the most out of a dispersed team or client base, especially when long distances make travel problematic.

The cloud is here to help. Equipping a team for optimal productivity with dispersed people and resources is a challenge that leaders everywhere must now assume. Fortunately, new technology has not only kept up with, but, in fact, driven many of the economic and social trends that have made globalization of business such an attainable goal.

Support global partnerships with Citrix ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile provides a shared space online where people located anywhere worldwide can come together and collaborate as never before. Accessible through any device with a web browser, files stored with ShareFile are available in a cloud that can be completely customized to your team’s use case. Whether you need to distribute documents with partners and clients in different countries or allow international employees to share data organically, a ShareFile portal can adapt to fit your requirements.

Create a collaborative space online

Imagine sharing a single desktop between people who need to access and work with the same resources. The ShareFile portal is designed to mimic your local file system so that materials are easy to organize and access. Folder based, individual user permissions give you ultimate control over what each user sees when they log in. Sharing your folders with specific coworkers and clients keeps your data private and available on a need-to-know basis, while also providing an uncluttered, easy-to-read interface for other users. With simple permissions check boxes, setting up folder access is a quick and transparent process. It’s easy to share data with your contacts worldwide without losing total control of materials stored in the cloud.

Give your team cloud-based communication tools

Beyond simple file storage and transfer, the ShareFile interface includes the tools dispersed teams need for cooperative effort. File versioning allows coworkers to update documents while still maintaining a record of each previous version of a file for tracking and archiving. Notes and links to web resources can be posted in folders to share knowledge and ideas beyond file content. A ShareFile folder is a space where the conversation around projects and files can continue, even as the participants connect and share virtually at any time they wish.

Remove barriers to productivity

ShareFile is available whenever you need it. Access, share and even edit files while outside of the office and traveling from any mobile device, anytime. ShareFile offers a mobile-optimized website and apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, transforming your phone or tablet into a powerful tool for collaboration. Create and share folders and files, send secure links to files, and preview, download, open and fully edit files using ShareFile mobile tools. ShareFile mobile tools combine a wide range of features normally available through your computer with the convenience of integration into your mobile workflow.

Get project updates instantly

Stay up to date without getting tied down. ShareFile makes it easy to stay on top of new developments even when you work outside of a central office. Email notifications let you know as soon as new files are uploaded to your folders or when others download files that you post for them, so you can keep up with activity without the need to constantly log into the portal. Completely flexible, ShareFile notifications conform to your workflow. Set notifications to update you instantly of new activity, or limit emails to follow only the most important files. You can even limit notifications so that you only receive a small number of notices or a single email report of all activity each day. ShareFile notifications are perfect for workers that share data across time zones, allowing everyone to log in when needed and eliminating uncertainty about who has accessed documents and folders.

Store data in your region

ShareFile has the advanced infrastructure to ensure that users worldwide enjoy a uniform, flawless experience. With servers located in Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Europe and three locations in the U.S., activity can be routed to the storage center that gives users the fastest upload and download rates. Further, account administrators can request to restrict their file storage to their own region where necessary for security or compliance.

Protect data throughout the transfer process

The security of users’ data is the primary concern in cloud-based data transfer. ShareFile employs robust security measures at every level to ensure that files are safe while transferred or stored with ShareFile. All transfers are fully encrypted, and files are also encrypted while at rest on ShareFile servers. Account access is strictly controlled by login credentials, and all login attempts and activity are recorded and available for review by account administrators through ShareFile reporting. ShareFile participates in the Safe Harbor program to certify that it meets the privacy standards of both the European Union and Switzerland and can transfer personal data from these locations.

Implement a world-class solution for successful global partnerships

Businesses stand to benefit from expanding into new geographic areas most when they can find cost-effective ways to do so. Cloud-based resources can provide affordable tools with as much or as little service as a company needs, based on its practices and budget. Contact ShareFile today to start a 30-day free trial and learn more about how secure, business-friendly online data transfer can help your company reach more people worldwide.