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Increase Your Team's Productivity Through Collaboration

By Carmen Fleischauer, Citrix ShareFile

Building a successful team is an important part of any organization’s culture. And to stay successful, that team must be able to handle change. Workshifting trends (employees who work remotely) and a rapidly adapting mobile workforce require businesses to employ workers who demonstrate flexibility across various work situations.

Companies with employees who regularly workshift have acclimated to alternative team environments. However, those who have not yet adopted workshifting may require a fundamental shift in thinking to prepare for a company-wide change. Management can no longer simply walk past employee workstations to check in on progress.

Technology is on our side. Many business-grade solutions available today make it easy to work outside of a traditional office environment. Employees may work from any number of locations, so equipping them with a secure, easy-to-use file tranfer solution that gives them anytime access to company, client and team project files is a smart move.

ShareFile enhances workflow anywhere, any time.

ShareFile allows teams to share and receive files and collaborate on projects, all from a single, cloud-based portal. It makes it easy for employees to work and have productive team interaction regardless of location. Workshifting employees won’t miss a beat, no matter when or where they work.

Mobility for the savvy user.

With ShareFile, users can access, share and even edit files from any smartphone or tablet, ensuring a seamless workflow.

With mobile apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, connecting, sharing and editing is as easy as entering a username and password. In the event of a lost device, the remote wipe feature protects sensitive company data.

Synchronization and collaboration.

The file sync capability streamlines the file-share and collaboration process for users. Teams can work on files in the same folder in real time, allowing a focus on work and goals rather than cumbersome uploading, downloading or emailing of files. Staying current with clients and colleagues regardless of device or location is no longer a hassle. The ability to collaborate in a single location increases productivity, saves time and reduces the headache of constantly managing files through email.

Cloud security for the whole company.

Another benefit of using ShareFile is the built-in security architecture. Users can be confident in the measures that ShareFile uses to protect the privacy of all data. All uploaded files are transferred using SSL/TLS encryption and stored at rest with AES 256-bit encryption. In addition, files are scanned by anti-virus software to identify potential issues prior to download. All features are scalable to all company sizes – from startup to a Fortune 500 enterprise.

Administrative and IT control.

User admins have a granular level of control over data. Multi-level access settings give control over files and folders within ShareFile. Users can share important files with one person, but restrict access to internal data and other client files. Account activity tracking and flexible reporting features show detailed activity and file access logs. Setting up a report that shows when clients have received or downloaded files or creating a complete audit trail can be done with only a few clicks.

A powerful solution for team productivity.

ShareFile is made with your business in mind. We know you need a secure space to collaborate and store company data. Let us show you how easy it is to transition to cloud-based storage for easy team collaboration. Sign up for a 30-day trial or call 1-800-441-3453 today to request a personalized demo.