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Increase Patient Care Services Without Inflating Costs

Today, health organizations, doctors and hospitals are facing major challenges—they have the duty to ensure comprehensive patient care while dealing with increasing cost pressures and shrinking budgets.

New IT tools help doctors, clinical staff and health workers to collaborate better across distances.

New concepts such as telemedicine or remote diagnosis promise to solve these problems, albeit with high costs and substantial technical effort. The IT tools are also often complicated to use and only available to a small portion of the clinical staff.

New IT developments ease the burden

IT organizations face the challenge to meet the growing demand for simplified data-sharing and tools for improved collaboration — services that an IT department can provide only with considerable personnel expenditures, costs and time.

Citrix offers an alternative solution for professional use that meets even the most rigorous compliance requirements. These tools relieve the IT staff so they can focus more on their traditional role as strategic innovation leaders and help the management team to introduce new business models.

Health organizations can benefit greatly from an improved and more efficient collaboration between employees across distances. This includes online meetings and video conferences with outside experts, tools for screen sharing, secure and comprehensive file sharing tools as well as webinar solutions.

Applications for collaboration tools

Doctors and health care organizations can use collaboration tools in both administrative and management departments as well as in medical wards. These new communication solutions offer a distinct advantage over phone conversations and cumbersome stationary video conferencing systems — especially in medical wards where the rapid exchange of life-saving information is vital.

These new solutions offer improved collaboration and flexibility and are applicable to various healthcare fields:

Administration and management:

    • Train internal staff directly on their computers
    • Establish organization-wide teams, regardless of location
    • Adopt video conferencing for more effective communication between geographically distributed managers and senior consultants
    • Establish new services such as online training for administrative staff
    • Create knowledge bases that include recorded online seminars

In medical wards and practices:

• Enable instant video conferences between doctors and external specialists to establish a diagnosis
• Provide secure screen sharing of X-rays and other medical images between practices and hospitals
• Offer online courses for education and training of medical staff
• Ensure compliance requirements in connection with “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) programs by adopting reliable tools for highly secure file sharing
• Optimize collaboration with remote doctors in time-critical situations through ad hoc online meetings, including video and screen sharing — even on mobile devices

How health organizations worldwide use Citrix services

Health care organizations use collaboration tools in the administrative and management departments to improve collaboration, provide new services and reduce costs.


Data security that meets even the highest expectations—just like in your own server room

Data security is a top priority in health care. Strict guidelines to protect patients set the highest standards in terms of providing security for the IT infrastructure.

When an IT infrastructure increasingly develops into a heterogeneous network environment with mobile endpoints, Citrix can provide the perfect solution. During an online meeting all data remains protected from end to end, even in mobile applications. This is due to a sophisticated security concept:

End-to-end authentication: Only authorized persons can schedule online meetings and only invited persons can participate. Meeting participants must authenticate themselves with the meeting’s organizer. Additionally, the organizer can create an optional access password which is never transmitted to Citrix.

Data encryption: All online meeting connections employ end-to-end encryption — all the way from the participant to the meeting organizer. Your communications can never be exposed to third parties, nor to Citrix itself or persons who aren’t authorized to participate in the session.

Secure audio: Citrix offers integrated audio conferencing via VoIP and telephone. All VoIP connections between endpoints and servers are encrypted. Normal telephone connections already provide for confidentiality and integrity of voice communications.

Physical security: All Citrix web, application, communication and database servers are located in secure data centers. Physical access to the servers is extremely limited and continuously monitored. All facilities are equipped with redundant power supplies as well as systems to monitor the surrounding area.

The highly secure Citrix services help health organizations reduce budgets while at the same time relieving the burden on their IT departments. Doctors, health organizations and pharmaceutical companies have the following solutions available:


ShareFile for Healthcare allows physicians, clinical staff and employees of health care organizations to access stored files from virtually any device: The service is designed for maximum security and specifically tailored to the needs of companies. Administrative reports deliver a comprehensive listing of all logins, uploads and downloads. This allows IT departments to always keep control of their data.

ShareFile supports Macs, PCs and mobile devices and assists IT administrators in getting a grip on the use of private devices for company purposes. Features include:

Secure file sharing in the cloud: ShareFile satisfies the highest security standards. SSAE16 Type II accredited data centers ensure maximum data protection and security. All stored data and file transfers through the ShareFile service are encrypted.

Administration functions: Custom access permissions allow administrators to control what information each user is able to see. All data downloads and uploads can be monitored.

• User-friendly interface: ShareFile makes it easy to send large files by email, conduct a secure file transfer or set up a collaborationspace for project related files. Administrators can easily set up users as well as generate reports regarding data usage.

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