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File-Sharing Solutions for the Construction Industry

See how the right choice in file-sharing services can address your collaboration, IT and client service needs and give you a key advantage for your projects.

It's Time to Think Outside the Box When You Share Files

When planning & developing projects, construction managers stress about ease of use, cost effectiveness & efficiency. ShareFile can help ease these complications.

Reduce Your Risk of Data Breaches Without Complicating the Way You Work with ShareFile

Learn how Citrix ShareFile can help you think beyond ‘free’ to meet your clients’ expectations for data security — without adding any hassles to your day.

Send Video Files

Click here to see how easy it is to send large video files, as big as 10GB, with ShareFile quickly & securely with our intuitive web based tools. Try it free!

Secure File Sharing for Insurance Professionals

Protect your data with Citrix ShareFile and provide the security your clients need.

Citrix Sharefile Helps Healthcare Practices of All Sizes With Secure File Sharing and Storage

Replace your fax machine, improve workflow and securely send PHI right from your inbox.

The ROI of Thinking Twice About How You Send Files: What Biotech Companies Need to Know

Discover Electronic file sharing at ShareFile which saves time as well as money. Explore how it all adds up just for transferring one data set at 1 GB.

The ROI of Thinking Twice About How You Send Files: What Accountants Need to Know

Electronic file sharing saves time as well as money. Here’s how it all adds up just for transferring 1 GB of data, using other methods in estimates.

How Colliers International Balances Security With Mobility Using Citrix ShareFile

Prior to using Citrix ShareFile, Colliers found other file-transfer and storage solutions difficult to use & lacking the tools needed to meet their needs.