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How Z-Vantage Inc. Uses Citrix ShareFile to Send Large Packages

“It’s much easier to use ShareFile than email a page at a time.”

-Suzanne Towery, vice president of human resources and logistics manager


Salem, Ore.

Number of Employees

Business Challenges
• Project files were too large to send by regular email.
• Breaking file packets into manageable smaller pieces was inefficient.
• Employees were unsure if their files were received.

Business Results
• Employees can send big files in a single link.
• Files are secure during transfer and in storage.
• Company can run reports to track access.

How Z-Vantage Inc. uses Citrix ShareFile to send large packages

Z-Vantage Inc. is a small firm specializing in the construction, development and asset management of retirement communities. When Suzanne Towery, vice president of human resources and logistics manager at Z-Vantage, first started out in the industry, her previous employers struggled with an issue that many still face daily—how to send the very large packages and critical files that are integral to any development and construction project.

The construction firms where she worked prior to cofounding Z-Vantage ran into trouble when sending sets of files containing photos and architectural drawings to partners, owners and lenders. Because attachment-size restrictions with email prevented them from sending large amounts of data at a time, employees had to routinely break large sets of files into much smaller groups to send in separate emails. With architectural file packages totaling 5 GB or more of data, the process created a lot of extra work within a tight timeframe.

When one of Towery’s previous employers began using ShareFile, she knew they had found a solution to the problem. Now that Towery has brought ShareFile to Z-Vantage, the team creates links to as many files as they need and sends the entire packet in a single email. This process has saved Z-Vantage employees substantial time and effort when sending files.

“It’s much easier to use ShareFile than just email a page at a time,” says Towery. “It also provides a tracking mechanism showing who has reviewed the information, with the date and time. These reports have proven to be extremely valuable in our processes and with timing constraints.”

Z-Vantage’s partners enjoy the speed and simplicity of receiving files through ShareFile as well. “When we deal with lenders and marketing, it’s a matter of sending an email. It’s that fast. And they like that,” says Towery.

Since ShareFile is web based, Z-Vantage employees can also use the service to work anywhere. Towery easily logs in from home and on work trips to access all of her files and stay on top of new developments. “If I need information, I can log in right there,” says Towery.

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