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How to Best Use FTP Sites

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites are a way to share files and documents between one computer and another. For workplaces this might appear an ideal solution a widely available and often free document management tool. While that's all true, FTP sites have a number of security problems that should be considered, along with an alternative.

How to use FTP sites in four steps

1. Install an FTP client. Before you can begin transferring files, you will need to Install an FTP client. An FTP client is a program that allows you to transfer files from your computer to a web server.

2. Determine server name, FTP username and password. Most web hosts will email you these details once you sign up.

3. Log in using the information provided to you.

4. Begin transferring files!

When FTP won’t cut it

When it comes to sharing data between users, most organizations consider security a top priority. As mentioned before, security is an area where FTP sites fall short. The biggest security issue with FTP sites is that they are not encrypted, meaning the information is sent in plain text and is easy for anyone to decipher.

Citrix ShareFile creates software that allows you to transfer files quickly and safely. Some key features of ShareFile include:

● 128-bit SSL encryption, the highest level of encryption available

● Unlimited users

● Password-protected folder structure

● The ability to share up to 100 GB at one time

● Email notifications of uploads and downloads

ShareFile allows clients and colleagues to securely connect from any web browser, and it is simple to implement into your daily workflow. Interested in trying ShareFile out for free? Sign up for a 30-day trial and see why millions of users choose ShareFile for their business!