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How To Transfer Large Files Online

The internet makes the transfer of large files online simple. But is it secure?

There are all kinds of people and devices online, some with malicious intent. At Citrix ShareFile, we think the safest way to transfer files is to hold them in our secure datacenters and share them instead of sending them.

Using ShareFile to send large files is easy.

ShareFile is a digital storage solution that's built for business. We help you conduct business digitally by sharing information, signing contracts, closing deals and protecting confidential documents.

There are all kinds of internet file transfer services that offer to transfer files too large for email. Why would you send your company's information out into the public domain from some strange website?

It's like asking a stranger in the airport to watch your laptop and hoping for the best.

What's the best way to transfer files?

Bigger files — like videos, blueprints, high resolution photos — actually force people to think beyond email. That's not a bad thing because email is extremely vulnerable. But what if you could share up 100 GB of data at one time without the risk?

ShareFile allow people to access files on our SSAE 16 audited datacenters. Every transaction, upload or download is protected with AES 256-bit encryption and SSL/TLS protocols.

Transfer via Secure Email

An architect with a ShareFile accounts needs to share a 4 GB Autocad file with a general contractor. The architect logs into his or her ShareFile account, finds the file and right clicks it. Choose Email with ShareFile and a message template pops up. Enter the desired email address from your address and click "Send." The contractor gets an email with a secure link to access the file. Transfer complete.

But what if the contractor isn't a ShareFile customer? He doesn't have to be. We don't decide who you do business with. You can have unlimited files in your account and unlimited contacts for sharing them.

Secure Portal

And if the contractor needs to share some big files of his own? The architect can add an interface to our secure portal on his or her company website, giving the contractor permission to upload those files to his or her ShareFile account. We customize the portal with your company's colors and logos so it fits in seamlessly with the rest of your site.

If there's ever a problem, we offer support 24/7 from real people who answer the phone.

Start securely transferring large files online. Sign up for a free, 30-day trial of ShareFile today!