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How To Send Big Video Files

Video production for businesses continues to grow. So how do you share big video files for review? They're too large for email ... unless you're a customer at Citrix ShareFile. Email attachments are replaced with secure links to files.

Say goodbye to constraints based on file size. Simply set access permissions and share.

Sending large video files with ShareFile

ShareFile is a cloud storage solution that includes business tools to share, transfer or review files online. You can store unlimited numbers of files and share up 100 GB at at once.

According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, video content marketing will account for 69 percent of internet traffic by 2017. Video file sharing is a growing point of collaboration for companies, vendors and clients.

How to share a video file

Your first step is to upload the video file. Log in to your account, create a folder, then just drag and drop the file. If you prefer, you can use the Upload File function and simply browse for the file and folder. Though you can upload files from any device, it makes sense to use your fastest connection for larger files.

Your file is protected by AES 256-bit encryption and it's stored in a SSAE 16 audited datacenter. It's our business to protect your business intelligence. Every file is secured, backed up or mirrored on servers with a separate power source.

Now that the file is online, you have two options: "Email with ShareFile" or "Get a Link."

Email with ShareFile

To use your secure email function, right click on the file and choose "Email with ShareFile." Add the recipient's email address (or choose one from your online address book). Write your message and click "Send." Your recipient will receive an email including your message and a secure link to download the file.

Get a Link

If you'd rather send a secure link from your personal email address or another messaging service, use the "Get a Link" feature instead.

Once again, right click the video file. This time choose "Get A Link." You can check the permissions and notification settings to stay on top of the file interactions. Copy and paste the secure link anywhere — a text message, IM or Skype call, for example.

You can set up workflow to review and approve the video, too. It's easy to invite your customers, and you can even add a ShareFile portal on your website to let customers or vendors upload files to your account.

ShareFile is more than a way to send big video files. It's a secure digital business solution. Get your free, 30-day trial today.