How to Prioritizes People & Productivity with ShareFile

Unlike consumer file sharing services, Citrix ShareFile is designed for business – providing robust features to support the secure way people want to work.

Below are five ways ShareFile prioritizes people, boost productivity and protects the enterprise – all in one, simple solution.

End-to-end user adoption
ShareFile helps IT wean users off consumer-grade services to achieve full adoption by providing a service people love. Users can access and sync all of their data from any device and securely share it with people both inside and outside the organization just as easily as they could with a personal app—but with even more ways to support productivity.

Large file size support and integration with tools such as Outlook accelerate workflows and help people accomplish common tasks more quickly and easily—for example, adding an attachment to a meeting invitation or converting an attachment to a link to avoid email size limits—without having to switch apps. ShareFile also allows people to create and edit Microsoft Office documents, and annotate, approve and add free-form signatures to PDF documents. File check-in and check-out eliminates version control issues. Users even have the ability to present from their mobile device, using Presenter’s Mode, a crowd-pleasing feature with full support for external displays, transitions, and custom animations.

An offline access feature allows users to access and edit their data on-the-go without interrupting workflow productivity. ShareFile also provides the industry’s first on-demand sync capability optimized for virtual desktop environments; data is downloaded and synced only when users want to view, edit, save or share specific items, reducing IOPS and conserving storage and bandwidth.

Granular security and access control
Secure by design, ShareFile meets enterprise requirements for keeping corporate data safe. IT can define policies to allow the right level of secure access for each user, in each scenario, backed by robust authentication and authorization capabilities. Users can be granted download-only access or full upload/edit/delete rights depending on their location, role, device and other criteria. Encryption secures data both at rest and in transit, and device security features such as passcode lock, jailbreak detection, remote wipe and data expiration protect data on mobile devices. Reporting and auditing controls support privacy mandates and regulatory compliance. Control whether a document (or its contents) can be printed, downloaded, copied or re-shared with other unintended recipients using “View-only” sharing.

Mobility for all users and data
ShareFile provides effortless and secure access to corporate data from outside corporate networks, including from mobile devices, without the need for costly and time-consuming migration. StorageZone Connectors provide a direct and secure connection to data in its original location, extending the value of SharePoint and other enterprise data stores.

Flexible data storage options
ShareFile gives IT the flexibility to store data wherever best meets enterprise requirements for data compliance, data sovereignty, performance and cost—on-premises, in the cloud or both.

  • Customer-managed StorageZones™ lets you place data in your own datacenter to meet sovereignty and compliance requirements. The solution is designed to support any CIFS-based network share from any storage vendor or private cloud storage service (Microsoft Azure or Amazon S3), which can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure.
  • Citrix-managed StorageZones provide the benefits of a true SaaS model with a fully managed service, including updates and backups.
  • Restricted StorageZones are private data areas within a customer’s specified data center that provide secure storage only accessible to a defined list of employees and allow only internal sharing, not with third parties, to support high-security deployments. File and folder metadata are encrypted with the customer’s key and users must pass a dual authentication process, a necessity in cases where data privacy and file sharing are exclusive and internal to the organization. IT can also store data in multiple locations to build the most cost-effective and customized solution for their organization.

Easily integrates with existing infrastructure
ShareFile extends an organizations’ data strategy beyond data stored in ShareFile to include existing network file drives, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, allowing a single point of access to all data sources. Using StorageZone Connectors makes it easy to securely access documents which otherwise cannot be accessed outside of corporate networks or on mobile devices. Employees can access any enterprise content management (ECM) system with StorageZone Connector SDK, expanding the types of data users can access and edit on-the-go via ShareFile.

ShareFile also integrates easily with Active Directory via SAML tools including ADFS, Ping, CA and to help IT more easily implement and manage policies over who can access what, in what scenarios. The service also integrates easily with enterprise gateways and cloud platforms to support role-based provisioning and de-provisioning of the service, two-factor authentication, policy-based controls and real-time application monitoring.

The integration of ShareFile with XenMobile® combines EFSS and enterprise mobility management (EMM), including both mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM), to provide a complete solution to manage mobile apps, data and devices. This integration also enables IT-managed mobile apps to intelligently interoperate with ShareFile to open, edit, sync and share data, all within a secure container.

Additionally, ShareFile provides the following business benefits by helping IT:

  • Support BYOD, CYOD and COPE programs, making it easy for people to access and share data securely on any device they use, no matter who owns it.
  • Enable corporate mobility initiatives by mobilizing the full range of corporate data and providing EFSS as part of a complete, integrated solution to manage mobile apps, data and devices.
  • Enhance data sharing to put corporate data to work more effectively for the business.
  • Improve collaboration by making it simple for team members to share and create information with colleagues, partners and customers.
  • Increase productivity by making it possible for people get more done, in more scenarios, with convenient access to all the files their work involves.

Next Steps

The unauthorized use of personal file sharing services poses immediate and serious risks for organizations of all kinds. To prevent leakage and protect corporate data, IT needs to deliver an EFSS service that combines the security, flexibility and control that IT needs with the convenience and productivity features users demand.

ShareFile provides enterprise-grade capabilities that no consumer file sharing service can match, including granular security and access control, mobility for all enterprise data, flexible data storage options and integration with existing infrastructure and EMM through XenMobile—all with a great user experience.

With ShareFile, enterprises gain a single point of access to mobilize business data that helps IT protect business data, regain visibility and control, ensure regulatory requirements and data compliance, and enhance employee productivity with a mobile, work-from-anywhere solution.

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