Need to Know How to Create a Zip File?

When learning how to create a zip file, assess your other needs first.

Are you creating a zip file on a Mac or a PC? Does the zip file need to be protected by a password? What type and size of file is it? These are all things that can affect the creation of a zip file.

Different methods for different demands

Here are some different ways of creating a zip file in different situations.

For a Mac:

1. Select “File” and then “New Folder” or click the desktop and select “Create Folder.”

2. Rename the new folder and put everything you want to include in the zip file into the folder, then save it to the location of your choice.

3. Access the folder, click it and select “Compress.” The folder will be compressed and saved as a zip file in the same location as the original folder.

For a PC:

1. Create a new folder by selecting “File,” “New” and “Folder” in subsequent order. Rename the file.

2. Move everything you’d like to zip into the new folder by using “drag-and-drop” or by saving those files to the folder.

3. Right-click the folder, select “Send to” and then “Compressed (zipped) folder.”

To create a password-protected zip file:

With newer versions of Windows, you’ll need to download a compression software program to create a password-protected zip file. Some require a purchase, but there are plenty of free programs that work just as well. Once you have downloaded a file compression program, you’ll perform the following actions::

1. Open the program and add the files you wish to zip.

2. When prompted, create a password for the file.

For a Mac, you won’t need to download any additional software. Once you’ve created the zip file using the steps above, the following will occur:

1. Go to your “Applications” folder, select “Utilities” and then “Terminal.”

2. In the terminal, enter the following command:

zip -er .zip /*

3. You’ll then be prompted to enter a password for the file.

Creating a new solution

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