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How Stewart Eliminated FTP Complications With Citrix ShareFile

“ShareFile allows us to easily exchange very large files with our clients in an easy, efficient manner.”

-Matthew Price, associate vice president and IT manager


Raleigh, N.C.

Number of Employees

Business Challenges
• Engineers felt FTP was not user-friendly.
• Firm had security issues with FTP.
• FTP server was difficult to maintain.

Business Results
• Engineers can easily exchange large files.
• Users like intuitive interface.
• Granular folder permissions provide additional security.
• Firm is saving time and focusing more on core business.

Stewart, Inc. is a multi-discipline design firm that specializes in land development, structural, geotechnical and transportation engineering, surveying/geomatics, and construction services.

Since Stewart engineers are sub-consultants for the majority of projects, they may work in several different locations at once and need the ability to send large project files to colleagues or clients from wherever they work.

Before using ShareFile, Stewart hosted its own FTP server, which engineers felt was simply not a user-friendly way to send large files. For Associate Vice President and IT Manager Matthew Price, the FTP server was the source of multiple inconveniences. He and others in IT had to maintain the FTP server hardware and software, and set up user accounts and manage security issues, taking time from their other responsibilities.

With ShareFile, engineers at Stewart can efficiently and securely transfer files with colleagues and clients without worrying about server maintenance, which means they can focus on their design projects instead of how to share information. Being able to exchange data quickly also gives them the ability to make faster and better design decisions.

“ShareFile allows us to easily exchange very large files, such as 3D building design models, with our clients in an easy, efficient manner,” says Price. “Our folks love ShareFile. They have the ability to instantly create new user accounts and send or receive files in a seamless, intuitive interface.”

Price says his department also has seen previous administrative problems disappear with ShareFile. “From an IT management perspective, ShareFile is great. Set it and forget it.”

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