How ShareFile Simplifies 5 Everyday Accounting Workflows

Today’s average client sees the tax and accountant industry as services they can get from any firm. The clearest way to prove your company’s value is by giving clients a seamless experience that’s collaborative, efficient, and secure.

That’s why ShareFile for Accounting was designed for professionals and firms that want to elevate the client experience. In this article, we’ll show you how ShareFile can help your team create workflow efficiencies and streamline communication – all with just a few simple clicks. The end result? A superior experience for new and existing clients.

Use Case: “I need to request a specific list of documents from my clients.”

The current workflow

Even for the most organized and responsive clients, PBC lists can still create confusion and delays. This puts extra work on the accountant to follow up with the client every time there is a question or a delay. Some firms rely on email, which is not secure and conversations can easily get lost.

Request documents digitally with ShareFile

ShareFile offers accountants a simple, digital solution to request and collect documents that keeps PBC lists organized and secure.

How it works:

  • Select which client(s) you need to collect a list of documents from
  • Upload a list of document names you need with a description of each and specificy the due date
  • Launch the request, triggering a ShareFile email that alerts the client
  • Keep track of client activity and send action reminders
  • Get alerts and respond when clients comment on a document with questions
  • Accept or reject documents, alerting the client of the update

Use Case: “I need to onboard a new client.”

The current workflow

It can be extremely tedious to create and prepare client onboarding documents. Even though the steps are the same for every client, they can’t be automated when they are manual and paper based. The client experience isn’t any better, with clients filling in their contact information over and over again.

Once all of the documents are complete, accountants have to take the added step of manually uploading them to the client’s portal. Then, the accountant has to email the client their portal credentials. This method uses un-secure email and requires multiple, time-consuming touch points with the client.

Automate client onboarding with ShareFile

Use ShareFile’s built-in workflow to automate the client onboarding process so accountants can quickly begin servicing the client.

How it works:

  • Send new client agreements or new engagement letters with just a few clicks
  • Use auto-fill to insert client information quickly into the templated agreements
  • Manage the workflow by sending reminders and checking on activity
  • New clients also receive a welcome invite email from ShareFile to set up their client portal – with no work needed from the accountant.

Use Case: “I need to collaborate with the client on more than one engagement at the same time.”

The current workflow

It’s a good sign when clients engage your accounting firm for more than one engagement. However, this sign of business growth also comes with its own set of headaches. Most firms rely on insecure email threads to talk about engagement-specific activity, both with each other and the client. Finding the right steps, document, or task can be difficult and confusing for everyone.

Manage multiple engagements with ShareFile

For every client engagement, you can create a dedicated digital space within the client’s portal. This collaborative space helps accountants keep multiple engagements organized.

How it works:

  • Organize each engagement and all of its activity, including document requests, files, status updates, and comment threads
  • Clients use one portal to access all engagements. Inside the portal, they can drill down into one specific engagement, making their experience easy
  • Manage who has access to each engagement so the right people are looped in at all times

How ShareFile Support Clients

Use Case: “I need to send my accountant a list of documents.”

The current workflow

Although email is convenient, it isn’t the best method for clients to share a list of files with their accountants. For one, it lacks security, putting their sensitive information at risk. It also opens the door to multiple email threads, making it really hard to find specific requests and turn them in quickly.

Fax or in-person processes aren’t any better. They are time-consuming and clients easily lose track of which document has or hasn’t been given over. They end up needing a lot more hand-holding.

Provide clients a digital request list process with ShareFile

Give clients more visibility of the document request process by using a digital process. Clients can use ShareFile for all the steps within the process, including receiving and uploading documents and checking document statuses. The added visibility helps clients stay organized and on-task and gives them a simple experience.

How it works:

  • Clients can see all of the documents they need to provide in one place
  • Clients feel more comfortable sending private information using a secure platform
  • Instead of calling up the firm, clients can ask one-off questions using comments

Use Case: “I have no idea what the next step is now that I’ve signed the engagement letter.”

The Current Workflow

Clients that lack visibility often have to email or call their firm and set up an appointment to review the next steps with their accountant. This takes up a lot of time for both the client and the accountant.

Give clients the visibility they want with ShareFile

Within the client portal, clients can navigate to a specific engagement and see all of its related activity for greater visibility of what’s completed and what comes next. When clients can see what’s complete and what’s still pending, they’ll feel more empowered to complete their end of the workflows.

How it works:

  • Clients can see the status of all document requests or ask questions with the accountant
  • Clients can comment on an entire engagement, asking what will come next
  • Clients can log into their portal from desktop or mobile, engaging their accountant when and where it’s convenient for them

Explore How Else ShareFile Can Benefit Your Firm

The processes above are just a few of the ways accountants and their clients can benefit from technology that was built to support critical and ongoing processes. The beauty of ShareFile is that it’s made to fit you, so you can customize the tool to work the way you do.

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