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How Sentry Equipment Saves Money and Effort with Citrix ShareFile and GoToMeeting

“With the Outlook plugin, it can’t get any easier.”

-Tim Brooks, IT manager

Sentry Equipment & Erectors, Inc.


Forest, Virginia

Number of Employees

Business Challenges
• Employees needed to share drawings that were too large for email.
• Some clients were unable to use FTP.
• Managing client privacy was difficult with FTP.

Business Results
• Clients are able to access Sentry’s files on ShareFile without issue.
• Outlook integration allows for faster, easier secure sharing.
• Mobile apps allow for convenient, effective work from any location.

Sentry Equipment & Erectors, Inc. provides conveyor and machinery equipment to major beverage and food distributors. Sentry employees exchange CAD drawings and manufacturing specifications with clients to help plan new facilities.

Sentry employees used FTP to transfer large files with clients but found that they weren’t able to use FTP for all projects. Many clients block FTP ports for security. Tim Brooks, IT manager at Sentry, wanted to give employees a single tool to share drawing and project files with any client. With a plugin allowing employees to send very large files through Microsoft Outlook, ShareFile was the solution the team chose.

“ShareFile has done a really, really good job for us."

“Let’s say a client’s putting in a new facility. They’ll send us a drawing of the building. We’ll send a proposed solution to get the job. ShareFile’s how we do that. With the Outlook plugin, it can’t get any easier.”

Brooks says ShareFile is readily accepted by clients and easier to manage than FTP. With many competing customers in the beverage industry, the Sentry team used to set up separate FTP sites to maintain client confidentiality. With ShareFile, employees can share and grant access to only the files each client needs — all with just a click.

Brooks has also found ShareFile’s mobile applications to be helpful for those times when work comes in while he’s out of the office. “I was at the doctor’s office when we had a file issue come up. I was sitting in the waiting room, and I got my file. It was even a file I had a viewer for on my phone, so I took care of the issue right there,” says Brooks.

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