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How RPG Solutions Simplified Secure Email Attachment with Citrix ShareFile

“It’s just much easier than anything else I’ve used.”

-Keith Strombotne, director of business development

RPG Solutions

Consulting, human resources

Raleigh, N.C.

Number of Employees

Business Challenges
• Needed to email large files containing sensitive information.
• Files containing personal information were individually password-protected, complicating file management.

Business Results
• Citrix ShareFile helps employees easily manage and secure attachments of all sizes — all directly from Microsoft Outlook.

RPG Solutions is a human resources and benefits consulting firm that supports organizations of all sizes in selecting and implementing employee benefits packages.

Because they frequently work with personal information, RPG employees needed to passwordprotect files and send them as email attachments. But setting individual passwords for each file required extra time and effort for every email.

“When I joined, I personally found it hard to keep up with all the different passwords on all the spreadsheets we have,” says Meegan Broll, vice president of the employee benefits division. “We didn’t really have a standard password, so you would always have to follow up with a second email or call recipients to tell them which password to use. It created a lot of work.”

RPG Solutions adopted Citrix ShareFile to make it easier to send confidential files without compromising on security. With the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, employees are now able to automatically password-protect files right from their email, and recipients can use a single, personal password to log in and access all files shared with them.

“It’s just much easier than anything else I’ve used. I’ve had to password-protect things as well, and I am not good at keeping track of passwords,” jokes Keith Strombotne, director of business development

The RPG team also has found ShareFile to be helpful in other, unexpected ways.“I’ve used it for setting up events, when we’ve had multiple people who needed to help with event planning, and everyone needs to use documents at different times,” says Strombotne.

With large files, including graphic-heavy program overviews and large enrollment-form packets, employees can also use ShareFile links to send files that would normally be blocked by attachment size restrictions.

ShareFile helps consultants and businesses of all kinds save time and money. Try it free for 30 days!

“Unless it’s just a quick PDF overview of a benefit, we’re generally using ShareFile to send it.”