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How Peterson Business Services increases productivity by 35% and improves cash flow with Citrix ShareFile

"ShareFile enables my accounting firm to increase revenue, raise productivity and improve cash flow. It’s a win-win for me and my clients."

Kaydee Peterson, owner Peterson Business Services

Vancouver, Wash.
Number of Employees
Business Challenge
+ Ensure security of sensitive client information shared electronically
+ Increase number of billable hours
+ Deliver superior customer service to encourage word-of-mouth marketing

Business Results
+ Increases productivity across the business by 35%
+ Improves cash flow and ability to accurately forecast cash flow
+ Availability of secure branded portal has helped secure new clients, increasing revenue

Peterson Business Services, based in Vancouver, Washington, is a consultancy providing accounting services to other small businesses owners.

Owner Kaydee Peterson needed a secure and easy-to-use way to exchange sensitive data with her clients. As a busy small business owner, she also needed a convenient way to access files when she was out of the office. Peterson evaluated DropBox, Box, SmartVault and a host of other file transfer solutions before finally settling on ShareFile. It was the security, simplicity and white-label custom branding that convinced her ShareFile would be the best solution for her small business.

And now that she has ShareFile, Peterson feels confident asking for sensitive information from her new clients.
“Citrix is simply a reputable, recognizable brand. When my clients see the Citrix name, they aren’t afraid to drop their files in via ShareFile."
The professional custom branded portal has helped her consultancy win new projects, and the user-friendly interface positively impacts her firm’s cash flow. “We cannot accurately estimate or bill for a project until we get all the financial information required from our client. Without offering our customers an easy-to-use solution like ShareFile, our ability to accurately forecast cash flow and time management would absolutely take a hit.”
Kaydee will soon implement the RightSignature ShareFile add-on to more easily capture client signatures and drive even greater productivity gains.

To hear more about Kaydee’s story, check out this ShareFile blog post. You can also learn more at ShareFile for Accounting.